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EEE – the sole distributor of GJJ passenger hoist in India

PV RAMDEV, Managing Director, EVEREST ENGG.

Rising urbanisation in India has accelerated infrastructure investments and consequently the demand for mechanization in construction projects. There are requirements for safety construction equipment that facilitates in lifting and moving of men and materials in vertical construction. Passenger Material Hoist is one such equipment being utilized across project sites.

Since 2012, Everest Engineering Equipment is the exclusive distributor of GJJ passenger hoist & Platforms in India, and the company has grown tremendously with many new customers and repeat buyers, says PV RAMDEV, Managing Director.

Everest is gearing up to expand its footprints into each corner of India and setting up a manufacturing plant near Mumbai to develop world class equipments with an eye to export markets.

Unique features of GJJ passenger hoist:
Everest GJJ hoist
GJJ Passenger Hoist

EEE features quality products and matching after-sales services. GJJ hoists are not new in India, with customers like L&T, Lanco having 18-20 years old hoists , which are still working well.

Its features include;

  • The material structure  of ST52-3 comes with high tensile strength and thus wall tie supports are required at an interval of 9~10 m distance only. Number of supports are less than other hoists.
  • GJJ’s unique design gives a Power saving of 35~40% with full load and full speed.
  • Fully galvanized structure enables a life span of 20-25 years
  • SEW / NORD drive mechanism with SIEMENS PLC & VFD gives highest reliability.
  • Standard cage size  of  3.2m L x1.5m W x2.35m H, and bigger cage sizes of 3.6m L x 1.5m W x 2.35m H, 4.0m L x 1.5m W x 2.35m H, Even the width upto 2m.
  • Foolproof safety from all aspects and meets European standards.
  • GJJ standard hoist is designed to go upto 500m height with 24 passengers.
  • Speeds from 46m/min to 96m/min according to the height / speed requirements.
  • Buy back offers up to 4 years.

Business Expansion Plans:

Nowadays buildings are made up to 400m high, the locally made equipment can go up to 100~150m. GJJ standard passenger hoists can easily reach 500m, And have an average life span of 20 years. At our R&D centre we will make the products as per international standards. We will develop, document and do stringent quality control since we also plan to target the export market.

Our sales & service team is present all over India. We recently expanded our dealer network to reach every part of India and ensure services within 24 hours in any part of India. This service efficiency has been the sole reason behind our spectacular growth.

Because of highest safety and reliability, Our recent orders from TATA STEEL, Kalinga Nagar Odisha, added another feather on our cap.

Rebar Processing Equipments:

At present, the entire construction industry is reeling under immense pressure for timely delivery of projects and minimum labour costs. Rebar processing machines are a solution to these concerns to supply huge quantities of processed rebars in a very short time.

EEE high speed CNC rebar processing equipment like stirrup bender, double bender, lattice girder machines, shear line, weld mesh plant and Pile cage making machines are in high demand. Infrastructure constructions are increasing day by day at a higher pace. These types of high speed equipment are inevitable to achieve the project timelines.

Rebar Processing Equipments
Rebar Processing Equipments


We have a separate safety department with a safety officer & supervisors to teach and implement the highest safety standards on every customer site. We maintain the safety standards up to ISO 45001 to ensure the health & safety of the people, equipment and environment.


Our customers are expected to not only maintain the equipment but also maintain its documentation. Therefore our engineers check the maintenance documentation periodically and cross check it with the equipment at work. We also conduct training camps every month for our customers and engineers. We ongoingly train our service engineers & technicians to impact effective maintenance of each equipment. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified from TUV.

Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (EEE) is in the business of providing high-quality construction equipment and infrastructure equipment. The company takes pride in the fact that it has played a pivotal role in numerous infrastructure projects in India. Our unrelenting commitment to quality and service has been rewarded by way of customer loyalty.


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