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Sir. M. Visvesvaraya – engineer, statesman & visionary

This Engineers’ Day let's look into a few anecdotes of Sir. M Visvesvaraya’s life

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, popularly known as Sir MV; was India’s most prolific Civil Engineer, Dam Builder, Economist, Scholar and Visionary Statesman. He was one of the Architects of Modern India in the 20th Century. Fondly called “Father of Modern Mysore State”, he was responsible for establishing many Industries, Education Institutions, State Bank of Mysore and Chamber of Commerce in the State of Mysore. Sir MV left for his heavenly abode at the age of 102 years. As a fitting tribute. The government of India and the Engineering community celebrates his birthday on 15th September as “Engineer’s day”.

Sir MV, born in Muddenahalli, a village in Karnataka completed his high school education at Wesley Mission High School and graduated from Central College in Bengaluru. He then pursued a course in Civil Engineering at Engineering college Pune, where he was awarded the James Berkley Gold Medal for outstanding performance.

Sir, MV adopted practical thinking to solve very intricate problems.  His vision and forethought were astonishing. His inventive genius manifested itself in several ways.  We find the imprint of this great man’s multidimensional personality in all that he has done – Irrigation Projects, Water Supply Scheme and Drainage, Heavy industry establishments, Consumer Industries, Industrialising Agriculture, Purpose-built Educational Institutions, Upliftment of Poor and weaker section, democratise and collective administration are some of the contributions by the Great Visveswaraya. He was a simple Soul with continuous learning, visiting Western Countries for studying, developing and initiating new measures for his own country.

His achievements are known across the country but what we are unaware of is the journey. It is famously said that a journey makes a man wherever he inspires to be. It is obvious to have a curiosity to know about the man who inspired generations.

The video below is his journey and a few anecdotes about his life.

Happy Engineer’s Day


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