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Advantages and types of Passenger cum material hoists

The construction industry is evolving and the methods are becoming more complex day by day. Rising urbanisation in India has further accelerated infrastructure investments and consequently the demand for mechanization in construction projects. There are requirements for safety construction equipment that facilitates in lifting and moving of men and materials in vertical construction. Passenger cum Material Hoist is such equipment being utilized across project sites. This type of lifting equipment helps them with a variety of different tasks, from hoisting heavy equipment up to moving supplies and materials and men on top of buildings. To ensure that the proper hoist is being chosen for the task at hand, the contractor first needs a clear idea of whether the hoist will be transporting materials or personnel. In addition to determining what the hoist will be carrying, safety and height should also be considered when choosing a passenger cum material hoist.

A passenger cum material hoist consists of a cage in which people will stand during transport, and a track that is mounted to the building. The cage will travel along this track by means of a rack and pinion drive system, and the car can be stopped at various locations along the track. This allows people to load or unload at any floor along the length of the track. The track itself is usually made of steel and is constructed of several lengths attached together. This provides stability, and it makes the construction process of the passenger hoist much quicker and easier. These structures are usually temporary, so smaller track sections will make deconstruction and transportation of the pieces much more manageable as well. The height of the passenger hoist will vary according to how many sections of track are secured to the building.Designed with wide space for accommodating passengers, it is integrated with a high powered engine for quick and smooth operations.

It is suitable for many applications including Building Construction, Pylon bridge construction, Underground application, surveillance tower, warehouse, Industrial application – Power plant, steel plant and cement plant, for Irrigation tunnel etc.

Features of Passenger cum Material Hoists

Passenger cum Material Hoists are backed by the latest technology support and can be used in different construction sites. For consistent performance, these also come supported by advanced electrical as well as mechanical interlock safety devices in form of slack rope switch, door safety switches as well as support of top wheels with double steel ropes for counterweight applications. There are different passenger cum hoist models starting from 0.8 ton capacity to 10-ton capacity to suit your applications and budget.

It comes attached with the latest technology of the industrial IoT platform to view and export real-time machine data and alarms as time-series data and charts to help diagnose system failure. Now there are options of a secondary centrifugal safety device in case of a rare drive system in case of power failure.

Latest features in Passenger cum Material Hoists includes;

  • Safety enclosure
  • Heavy duty ramp
  • Spacious design
  • Superior braking system
  • Strong ropes ensures safe operation
  • Capacity to pull heavy load
  • Precise control
  • VFD enabled operations
  • Can be used to lift at great heights
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent travelling speed
  • Rack and pinion platform for accuracy and safety
  • Two crane-duty planetary motors
  • Centrifugal brake & best quality core cables
  • Doors on three sides
  • Rack from inside the cabin
  • Full enclosed & half cabin options
  • Easy installation & raising

Types of Passenger cum Material Hoists

Different types of passenger cum material hoists are available in the market, each of them is discussed below.

Single / Double Cage Passenger & Material Hoists

Single /Double Cage Passenger & Material Hoist are used to transport both working personnel at site and dry bulk materials for internal material finishing. The latest model’s Ingress / Egress Door types and orientation can be tailored to suit your building design. An optional side door is also available upon ordering. It can cater to any project cost effectively without compromising on safety aspects considering the latest technical features are at par with any international brand and are now increasingly used in India by leading companies for construction & restoration projects for high-rise buildings, bridges, chimneys and so on. All masts, ties and cage structure are hot-dip galvanized to offer longer shelf life. Customized cage size and higher speed is available on request.

Lift Shaft Passenger & Material Hoists

Lift Shaft Passenger & Material Hoist is designed to install inside the lift shaft at construction side.The latest models are used transporting men a wide range of materials.It has a Semi-Automatic Landing Control and a platform that has a drop down ramp for ease of unloading. is Ideal for shifting of delicate material like glass, marble, aluminium window frame, tiles etc. It comes with many advanced safety features thereby ensuring safety of passengers and material.

Multi-functional Passenger & Material Hoists

These hoists can perform multiple functions of carrying passengers, material and rebars at high-rise construction sites. A Standard machine can go up to 150 meters in height. Its robust and simple design of these hoists makes them suitable for all vertical access, including direct access to buildings for new construction or refurbishment work. Special Human Interface display (HMI display) in the hoists indicates the faults in the machine, supports the operator in faster root cause analysis, and operates the machine with the highest level of safety. It is used to carry workers, concrete and long reinforcing bars in the construction of high-rise buildings, especially for power construction fields like a high chimney, hyperbola cooling tower, bridge and dam. It also features Control Panel & Operating Console that limit switch faults indicating display on the control panel.

Curved/ Inclined Passenger & Material Hoists

This type of Passenger & Material Hoists comes in curved/ inclined shapes and is parallel to the exterior of the building by special disposal. It adopts a floating self-levelling mechanism to make sure the hoist moves in level along the curved or inclined line.Curved and inclined building hoists are widely used in constructions, such as chimneys, cooling towers and bridges, etc. This type of product is specially developed for construction scenarios with slope construction and transportation requirements such as bridges and chimneys.

Conclusion India’s structures are becoming taller, bigger and more complex. This is necessitating more efficient and faster construction activities and the resultant utilisation of construction equipment for vertical transportation of men and material for very heavy loads and for erection & installation jobs. The demand is huge and high-rise construction trends are on the rise, and construction equipment requirements are also increasing. The equipment is seeing a propelling demand in low-rise construction as well. RERA has outlined time-bound guidelines required for project completion. To meet the guidelines and for faster project completion the contractors require passenger and material hoists.

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