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Paint Ready Ceiling In 2 Days

Paint Ready Ceilings without Cement Sand Plaster and Putty – Dalmia Magic CEILINGFAST

If you are struck with cement sand mortar plaster for your concrete ceilings resulting in unnecessary money lost and time. Here is a solution that cuts down 20 days of finishing time of ceilings to just 2 days. Dalmia Magic CEILINGFAST is an innovation for cutting down application time and finishing time in large projects. It is a natural tone surface finishing product, only in India, to be certified by the Singapore Housing Board (HDB) and to comply with the European (EN) standards. Unlike conventional surface finishing products, it is easy to apply internally and externally, on both walls and ceilings.

Paint Ready Ceiling without Cement Sand Plaster and Putty – Dalmia Magic CEILINGFAST

Dalmia Magic CEILINGFAST is a high-quality fibre polymer-modified cement-based plaster with a unique natural tone, super smooth surface finish and thickness building solution which is a unique formulation for ceiling surfaces of RCC and precast concrete. It replaces the conventional method of plastering works cleanly and speedily that requires only water to be added on-site before application with the self-curing property. It is hydraulically and organically bound to the ceiling surface with good adhesion and strength.


It can be built up to 6-12 mm thicknesses without cracks due to the presence of high-quality fibre polymers and special additives that provide paint-ready ceiling surfaces with the self-curing property. Dalmia Magic CEILINGFAST has been tested at Singapore Housing Board’s accredited laboratory in Singapore and conforms to the Singapore HDB specs and also the European Standards BS: EN 998-1.

Dalmia Magic

Advantages of Dalmia Magic CEILINGFAST

  • Emulates natural tone like light pink colour
  • Decreases 75% Dead Load
  • Prevents hair crack caused by material shrinkage
  • Water resistant and Excellent workability
  • Self-curing due to high water retentivity
  • Ready to use for painting applications
  • Resists growth of algae and fungus
  • Provides high and unique coverage

Applications of Dalmia Magic CEILINGFAST

For ceiling surfaces of Precast Concrete and RCC surfaces.

Dalmia Magic CEILINGFAST surface solution has a unique property; it can be applied both internally and externally, on wall and ceiling surfaces. It can be built up to 10-12 mm thicknesses without cracks and can be finished to a matt or glossy finish. The product should be stored in a dry place and protected against moisture. It is recommended that the storage time should not exceed 6 months from the date of production. Storage beyond the date specified does not necessarily mean that the material is unusable, but the user should perform a quality check on the properties necessary for the intended application.


Founded in 1935 by Shri Jaidayal Dalmia and headquartered in New Delhi, Dalmia Group straddles the cement, power, sugar and refractory sectors. The cement division was established in 1939 and is built on the legacy of expertise and excellence. Dalmia Bharat Group has internalized innovation for over 70 years in processes and systems; and our businesses and mindsets.

Creating a synergy of this innovative spirit and Dalmia Strategy to be a leader in building materials, ‘New Building Solutions’ with the identity of ‘Dalmia Bharat INNOBUILD’ was created in 2017. The vision is to offer innovative construction solutions of global standards ingeniously made with customer centricity and help nation-building.

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