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Construction Equipment for vertical transportation of men and material

Construction Equipment for vertical transportation of men and material is now coming with an electronic control panel and overload alarm which can be operated with a wireless remote within a defined range of 100 meters, which makes its operation very safe. With these equipment becoming more technically advanced, manufacturers are training operators and service engineers for more efficient and safe operations. This equipment adheres to the utmost safety norms as far as design and features are concerned. All data including engine parameters, vital hydraulic system parameters are also being digitized that provide the operator with constant updates. Customers are also carefully looking into the life of the equipment, spare parts price, Prompt & Quick service availability etc. before buying or renting aerial access equipment. There are different types of construction equipment for vertical transportation of men and material used across the country for multiple project applications, each of them is analysed below.

Different types of Construction Equipment  for vertical transportation of men and material  

Passenger cum material hoist 

These hoists are convenient vertical movement of men and material at the construction site. It consists of a rack & pinion system to travel vertically along the mast sections and can be installed and dismantled in a shorter time as required for the project requirements. Passenger cum Material Hoists are backed by the latest technology support and can be used in different construction sites. For consistent performance, these also come supported by advanced electrical as well as mechanical interlock safety devices in form of slack rope switch, door safety switches as well as the support of top wheels with double steel ropes for counterweight applications. There are different passenger cum hoist models starting from 0.8Ton capacity to 10-ton capacity to suit your applications and budget. It is suitable for many applications including Building Construction, Pylon bridge construction, Underground application, surveillance tower, warehouse, Industrial application – Power plant, steel plant and cement plant, for Irrigation tunnel etc. It comes attached with the latest technology of industrial IoT platform to view and export real-time machine data and alarms as time-series data and charts to help diagnose system failure. Now there are options of a secondary centrifugal safety device in case of a rare drive system in case of power failure.

Passenger Cum Material Hoist

Multi-functional hoist 

These hoists can perform multiple functions of carrying passengers, material and rebars at high-rise construction sites. It is designed to offer the most cost-efficient vertical transport solution on-site and can deliver up to 1000 to 1500 KG Gross capacity with a three-phase brake motor. A Standard machine can go up to 150 meters in height. This can be further extended up to 350 meters. Its robust and simple design of these hoists makes them suitable for all vertical access, including direct access to buildings for new construction or refurbishment work. Special Human Interface display (HMI display) in the hoists indicates the faults in the machine, supports the operator in faster root cause analysis, and operates the machine with the highest level of safety. It also features Control Panel & Operating Console that limit switch faults indicating display on the control panel.

Multi Functional Hoist

Suspended rope platform

These platforms come with higher safety features. It is designed to suspend along the vertical surface of the building by steel wire ropes through the suspension mechanism placed at the top of the building. It is a kind of non-regular suspended access equipment. Depending upon the height of the building, this platform can be adjusted easily. It is made of high-grade steel which gives a very strong supporting platform at the top of the working profile. It is used in for working at heights for installation of billboards, windows, window cleaning, external renovation, plastering, painting, decoration of bridges, buildings, chimneys, silos and other structures. They are an easy-to-use and efficient solution for vertical transport. It comes with an anti-swing device to avoid swaying the platform in windy conditions. It is also provided with the electromagnetic brake as a primary holding device. A manual release mechanism in these platforms helps the cradle to be lowered to the ground level in case of power failure.

Suspended Rope Platform

Self-Climbing platform 

These platforms come with a self-lifting mechanism integrated with a safety monitoring system, maximizing the job site safety and construction stability. Self-Climbing Platform is suitable for high-rise buildings and super high-rise shear wall structures. This system integrated with the climbing mechanism requires only one-time installation and lifting. Its built-in safety screen design can effectively prevent workers and objects from falling when working at a height. These platforms can be adapted to any shape or height of the building, and the gapless enclosures provide high levels of protection for site workers against fall risks, wind and weather conditions. Secure enclosures in the platform minimise the risk of items being dropped with vertical and horizontal sealing, even during the lifting operation. The climbing shoes are securely attached to the structure and with highly accurate guide rails, repositioning is both safe and structure-guided at all times, even in windy conditions.

Self Climbing Platform

Mast Climbing platform

These platforms are ideal for facade work when a project presents logistical challenges such as excessive heights. Efficient at even the lowest levels, mast climbing work platforms provide the ideal vertical access solution for facade work such as bricking, window installation, and coating. It is used to transport people, their tools and materials to the working area to work safely and ergonomically as the machine can move between any level of the structure. The platforms have gained popularity with Indian contractors, as they can be erected fast at sites with space restrictions, as well as can reduce labour costs. The mast climbers are made in heavy-duty square tubes, provided with male and female joints that make their erection easier. Further, the accurately machined rack and pinion give smooth operation, which ensures the safety and durability of the platform. The guide rollers maintain accurate tolerance in the movement of the platforms on the mast. Heavy-duty chassis with jacks facilitates free-standing up to six meters above that anchoring has to be made at an interval of every three metres.

Mast Climbing Platform


India’s structures are becoming taller, bigger and more complex. This is necessitating more efficient and faster construction activities and the resultant utilization of construction equipment for vertical transportation of men and material for very heavy loads and for erection & installation jobs. This equipment is also finding its increasing application in a wide range of high-end projects. projects consisting of power, refinery or any other industrial construction projects.  

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