One Day National Workshop on Sustainable Concrete Pavements

Concrete pavements

Date: 23rd November 2019

Venue: Lulu Marriot Hotel, Ernakulam

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Concrete pavements are environment friendly and sustainable in all aspects of design, construction, operation and maintenance. Pavements constructed with concrete offer significant advantage when compared to bituminous pavements. Concrete roads are the most durable, safe and cost efficient. It requires minimum or nil maintenance for 25-30 years and often outlives their design lives and can last up to 50 years. Urban roads including rural highways built with concrete offer 10-15 % less in vehicle running costs when compared to bituminous roads. Concrete pavements are lighter in colour and have increased reflectivity, improve night time visibility, reduce power needed to illuminate roads at night and help mitigate urban heat island and smog generation. Concrete pavements are 100% recyclable, making it environment friendly. They are also safe as it provides long term traction and short stopping distances for vehicles even in wet weather conditions. Concrete roads are also comfortable as they are now being constructed with smooth finishes and hence quiet like any other pavement type. Concrete roads provide excellent value for money with lower life cycle cost. Concrete pavements exhibit a lower energy footprint associated with their production, delivery and maintenance than bituminous pavements and hence are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Results of studies conducted points out that concrete pavements are best suited for a country like India with extreme weather conditions and harsh usage. Mumbai’s Marine Drive is a testimony for the durability and resilience of concrete roads. Even after over seventy years of its construction, it withstood the vagaries of weather and usage.

The objective of the workshop is to create an awareness about environmentally and economically sustainable concrete pavements and concrete overlays (white topping) and the need for more kilometres of concrete pavements in India, highlight the advantages of concrete pavements /overlays over bituminous pavements, enrich knowledge on materials and equipments and construction methodology required for making good concrete pavements etc. and how to overcome the limitations in concrete pavements construction and maintenance.


Recent advancements in concrete pavements and overlays covering the Designs aspects, Codal Provisions, Construction Methodologies, Modern Concrete Paving Equipments, Special Concretes, Case Studies etc.