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MC-Bauchemie India inaugurates new plant  in Halol, Gujarat

MC-Bauchemie India today inaugurated their much-awaited plant in Halol, Gujarat. The foundation stone of the plant was laid in March 2020. With the new plant, the company wants to carry on its continuous innovation of new construction chemicals depending on the needs of the clients. It utilises state-of-the-art technology and quality assurance systems. 

The plant is part of their aim to broaden our horizons as the days go by. Having a strong domestic manufacturing base is vital to maintaining their product innovation. That is because advanced manufacturing provides an important institutional foundation for learning and developing process skills and capabilities that are increasingly intertwined with core R&D.

A look into MC-Bauchemie India’s newly inaugurated plant in Halol, Gujarat

For decades the company have been leveraging the know-how, innovative prowess and sheer competence of their people in order specifically to provide customers with the assurance and peace of mind they seek. The company regards client satisfaction as the primary benchmark of their success. The newly inaugurated plant will further help in achieving a holistic approach encompassing everything from individual components and products. The new plant is aimed for ensuring further modification in the quality and manufacturing of products, and simplification in their application, treatment and curing.


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