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Wide range of rental equipment for vertical construction business

Market factors such as the high initial purchase cost of new construction machines, high taxes, maintenance, high depreciation costs, and equipment insurance entailed by new machines have contributed to the rising demand for equipment rentals. Equipment rental companies are keen to grasp every business opportunity that comes their way. Companies are emphasizing fleet maintenance and improvement to ensure that the equipment is technologically upgraded. One such construction equipment rental company is Rann Infra Equipments. It is one of the fastest-growing equipment rental companies in India. Established in 2015 with the vision of providing various facilities from erection, maintenance and dismantling exclusive crane solutions and services. The company’s rental provisions include complete operation and maintenance services. We offer 2.5tons to 10tons capacity tower cranes and other lifting solutions.

Raj Ranjan Moharana
Managing Director, Rann Infra Equipments

Constrofacilitator had one-to-one interaction with Raj Ranjan Moharana, Managing Director, Rann Infra Equipments. He has 20 years of experience in the construction business and worked with many renowned companies. His passion for cranes helped him ensure the successful completion of projects. During the interaction, he shared insights on how the idea behind the company, services, equipment and market potential of rental construction equipment in India.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

How Rann Infra Equipments conceived and what is its goal?

I worked with many renowned companies and have almost 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Also, I was in partnership with Everest Construction where I learned a lot while working for big clients. I always wanted to work without any conditions, like in Everest construction we only used to rent our equipment but maintenance and onsite service facilities were not offered. Rann Infra equipment offers a wide range of services from equipment rental to erection, maintenance, spare parts availability and dismantling of the equipment.

Our goal is not limited. We want to be a one-stop-shop for equipment rental firms. Where, you just don’t rent the equipment but also get onsite service, spare parts, maintenance, training, installation and dismantling of the equipment.

Rann Infra Equipments Rental Tower Crane

What are the different services provided by the company?

At the moment we are focusing on the East and South regions. Later we will plan to extend our service across the nation.

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How is the company taking collective effort for Operator Skills and Training on-site?

We have a team of very good skilled operators, engineers, and technicians. We also organise certified training programs for our team from time to time with the help of Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Rann Infra Equipments Rental Suspended rope platform at the construction site

How does Rann Infra Equipment stand out from its other counterparts?

Our work culture is different from others. We don’t believe in competing, we focus on completing the project within the given time limit efficiently and effectively. India is an open market and all Chinese manufacturers are available easily and don’t even follow any norms. Rann Infra equipment believes in safety and quality so we follow proper training programs along with the safety norms. This makes us different from other rental companies.

What is the range of rental equipment provided by the company?

  • Tower Crane
  • Passenger/Material Hoist
  • Rope Suspended Platform
  • Boom Lift
  • and adding more to our fleet.
Rann Infra Equipments Material Hoist Rental

How has the Indian market for Construction Equipment Rentals grown over the past few years and what challenges still need to be addressed?

We believe in giving full service to the clients. Sometimes we see that the customer is not well aware of the process of operating, erection, maintenance and dismantling of the equipment. We want our customers to rely on us and rest assured we will take care of everything from erection to dismantling.


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