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Looking To Organise A Budget-Friendly Wedding? Here’s What You Need To Know

Weddings are once in a lifetime events, and you want to make it extravagant but keeping your budget intact is the most important aspect of wedding planning. Your wedding day is special and you want to think less about the money and more about having fun. You have your dream dress, a moment of walking down the aisle with a special song in the background, guests in awe of the bride and groom and you want them to have the time of their life. You might have a budget in your mind, including the wedding decoration, catering, expected guests, a photographer, and a wedding gown. 

But, it is important to understand that to organise a wedding you don’t need to spend a lot, with careful planning and decision, you can have a budgeted wedding without pulling your hair or losing sleep. It is important to invest in some quality areas of the wedding, be it in photography or the videographer in a wedding, one can keep the arrangement as per the season and guest arrival.  The wedding videos can be significantly cheaper. If you concentrate on the right tips and tricks then you can host a budget-friendly wedding successfully. They are mentioned below. 

Limit your guest list 

You should limit your guest list to your closest ones, and cross-down the names whom you haven’t been in touch with, since long. This could be your school friends, college friends, ex-colleagues, and roommates. This will cut down the cost of food and drinks, and accommodation if you are providing. 

Getting married in off-season  

Your wedding season depends on where you live, if the temperature is high, people prefer getting married during winters. It is advised to get married during off-season to avoid any seasonal extra-costing. From the caterers, band, to decorators, if they are in demand, they will charge more. Off-season weddings would cost you a lot less. 

Evites over physical invites   

Gone are the days when you would go door-to-door to invite your guests to your wedding with a card. You can create one video, mentioning all the details of the wedding and send them to your guest list. These videos can be simply forwarded on different messenger platforms, saving you a lot on printing cost.                  

Keep the venue same for all the events  

Prefer having all your functions in a day rather than spreading out for a week. But, if your wedding functions require more than a day, keep the same venue for all events. Switching different venues for different functions will cost you a lot, henceforth, affecting your overall budget. 

Save on wedding decors 

Wedding decors play a significant role in perfectly giving a spark to your wedding venue, but you can still limit your expenditure in that. For that, you should follow certain tips which are 

  • Re-use the decor 
  • You can choose a specific area to decorate to add more beauty and glow than decorating the whole area. 
  • Use seasonal flowers and green plants instead of exotic expensive plants for floristry. 

Choosing catering service smartly    

The type of catering service you choose depends upon your requirement and type of functions. If a majority of your events are at night, then keep items limited. Many people eat less or avoid eating at night. Keeping more items can result in food wastage, which will cost you a lot. Make sure you keep a tab on your guest list and maintain your preparation accordingly. 

Your wedding should be fun and not you frantically worrying about the budget. It is important for you and your partner to not lose your sleep over money and arrangements. You can make it fancy by researching more on different areas of wedding arrangements. 


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