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Bonding agent for the cementitious substrate

AVCRETE - BONDING ADDITIVE is used for bonding old to the new cementitious substrate

The cement which is part of the concrete mix does not have any natural bonding agents. In certain scenarios, when fresh concrete is added over an existing or old concrete layer, they exist as two separate layers without any bond. Once cured, the new concrete will simply sit on top as a separate layer. This will not produce a strong, serviceable floor. To avoid these, concrete bonding agents are used. A bonding agent needs to be applied onto the existing concrete first to ensure that the fresh concrete will successfully adhere. Whether mixing the agent with a slurry or using an agent to bond two concrete surfaces together, a high-quality product can get the job done. It is applied over the existing surface of the concrete so that the new layer of fresh concrete successfully adheres to the old layer. The bonding agents should be carefully and thoroughly applied, either with a brush, a broom or a roller – or for larger areas they can be sprayed on.

What are the advantages of a bonding agent? 

  • Easy to use and apply.
  • Reduce shrinkage cracks
  • Reduces permeability of concrete 
  • Improves adhesion between the layers of concrete
  • Tensile, flexural and bond strength of the concrete or mortar are increased
  • High resistance against chemicals

You must be very particular in choosing the most appropriate bonding agent for your project. One such product is AVCRETE – BONDING ADDITIVE. It is a water dispersion acrylic cement modifier, specifically designed for mortar for external and internal areas and floor screed mortar applications. It has an excellent bonding strength of approximately 6 N/mm2 that is suitable for patching mortar applications & bonding old to the new cementitious substrate. 


  • Increases tensile and flexural strength of cement mortars
  • Dries rapidly and exhibit excellent toughness
  • Good adhesion to old concrete and masonry, brick, metals and many other surfaces
  • Excellent bonding to the cementitious substrate
  • Compatible with all types of cement
  • Reduces cracking in mortars and screeds
  • Ensure outstanding pot life of mortars under high-temperature conditions

AVCRETE – BONDING ADDITIVE enhances and improves adhesion in the form of long-lasting and most durable repairs. AVCON products have been used across the whole gamut of industrial Floorings with high-performance concrete, abrasion-resistant flooring, ultra-thin white-topping, floor repairs, structural repairs, coloured floorings etc. 

Driven by experience Avcon strives to generate ideas that help clients achieve the best solutions in the most cost-effective manner. Out of box solutions & the promise to introduce innovative products in the concrete flooring range has been the founding principles of the company.

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