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Plastic Injection Mold (tool) Refurbishment and Mold Maintenance

A well-maintained mold is key to producing consistent, high-quality injection molded parts. Uniform cooling throughout the cavity impression (and from cavity to cavity in multi-cavity tools) will yield the highest quality part and the fastest cycle time. Ensuring a quality mold requires well-designed tooling and higher precision build, both of which can increase the tool construction cost and regular maintenance cost. However, these measures will ultimately save you significant costs on repairs.

Mold maintenance, or tool maintenance, refers to the cleaning and repairs that are needed to keep an injection mold in the best working order. Maintenance is performed routinely over the life of the mold (preventative maintenance or PM), and also when any problems arise. SVCN provides the necessary refurbishment and mold maintenance to get the mold back in working condition with repetition of cycles, minimum downtime, and faster retention. We are dedicated for improving efficiency of mold condition and performance.

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