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Advantages & applications of TEPI Polymetal Formwork System

Rapid urbanization has increased the housing demand, which cannot be fulfilled using conventional materials and methods of construction. It is, therefore, obligatory to work out a method where the speed and quality of construction are controlled automatically by a systematic approach. Formwork construction that can address this demand. The major requirement of formwork is that it should produce a good quality finish, safety for the formwork crew and speed which are to be achieved within the budgeted cost. In India contractors and builders are facing challenges which necessitate most economic formwork and also offer quality to keep them a step ahead in business. TEPI Polymetal Formwork System for concrete pouring in construction is specially designed considering the parameters of concrete pressure and better finish. Manufactured with a combination of Steel Frames and Polymer Boards, the products are durable, lightweight and user-friendly.

Strength is an essential consideration for formwork systems, TEPI Polymetal Formwork System is durable enough to bear the burden of wet concrete as well as the weight of the concrete once it dries. It can also withstand any additional structural components that may be required while holding up to the strain your workers, machinery, and other forces might place upon it. Strong materials that are put together well, appropriate for the job at hand, and easier to work with will go a long way toward fostering safety on the job site. It is also available in small sizes in rectangular, square & circular shapes.

TEPI Polymetal Formwork System Applications;

  • Plinth Concreting 
  • Column Footings – Column Boxes for Large, Medium &
  • Roof Slabs including Beams
  • Shear Walls
  • Rafts
  • Staircases
  • Retaining Walls
  • STP Tanks
  • Rectangular & Circular Water Tanks
  • Precast Beams
  • Single Pour Concrete
  • Culvert Moulds

This type of formwork system is beneficial when compared to conventional formwork systems, as they not only enhance the life of the product but also ensure maximum repetition.

Polymetal Industries manufactures TEPI Polymetal Formwork System. The company comprises of an experienced professional team that understands and finds the right formwork solutions for the regular and critical requirements of concreting and formwork. The company has a dedicated technical team for the production of necessary panels with all required accessories for easy assembly and convenient handling. The company also provides necessary training and guidance at project sites.

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