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Selecting the right choice of compactor

Soil compaction is a significant process for any construction project and requires special attention and quality compaction equipment to achieve satisfactory results. Compaction is about reaching your goals in the fewest passes possible. When choosing a compactor one looks for the efficiency of technology and the ability to direct more force toward the target and away from the machine. Soil compactors are used in soil to rearrange the particles and reduce the void ratio and increase soil density. The compaction of soil increases the shear strength and load-bearing capacity of the soil. Modern-day compactors are being integrated with advanced technologies. The demand for the equipment has been driven by highways and rural roads. The compaction of soil increases the shear strength and load-bearing capacity of the soil. The compaction of the soil is provided by the combined action and force of the vibrating and oscillating roller drum, and the weight of the compaction machine which is used.

The trend that has been witnessed in the Indian compaction market is the movement towards vibratory compaction from the earlier predominantly static rollers. The technology helps send pressure waves into the soil surface in different directions leading to the particles achieving a dense state of orientation. Just as in the case of the other types of construction equipment, contractors have realised that the initial higher capital investment is bound to pay off in the long run, given the cost savings achieved due to the lesser number of passes. Manufacturers are also focusing on coming out with machines that are fuel-efficient and require minimal maintenance, all adding to the good news for contractors. With competition, intensifying suppliers are concentrating on coming out with machines that would ideally suit Indian working conditions, where typically these machines would be put through more work cycles. Discussed below are different types of soil compactors available in the Indian market and being used for multiple project applications.

Compactors with vibratory system

The latest models of compactors comes with a vibratory system that drives energy into materials and away from the operator. Varied amplitude settings make the machine a good fit for multiple applications. The rear-axle concept enables unmatched stability, gradeability and traction, while also improving operator visibility. An improved operator platform offers enhanced visibility and comfort. Service points can be accessed from the ground, while the engine can be reached easily through a tiltable platform and hood.An optional, easy-to-install padfoot shell kit helps the roller perform in cohesive soils and to penetrate more deeply when needed. The compactor’s application includes include state and national highways, city and municipal roads, PMGSY (urban-rural connectivity), railway embankments, airports, mining haul roads, port distribution hubs, Formula 1 roadways, industrial developments, internal roads for power and steel plants, and smart city developments.  The machine models are manufactured to deliver savings after the purchase, particularly when servicing the machine. Convenient maintenance points ensure work is completed quickly. Service points can be accessed from the ground, while the engine can be reached easily through a tiltable platform and hood.

Ammann Soil Compactor ARS 110.2

Compactors equipped with high static linear load

The latest compactors feature high static linear load and can be used universally in inner-city projects and for compaction on motorways. The newer model ensures that maximum compaction force is always available, and vibration works immediately once the nominal frequency is activated. For the driver, the acceleration of the vibrating unit is imperceptible. The automatic vibration system ensures that the vibration is shut off as soon as the compactors stop moving. This prevents over-compaction and guarantees high-quality surfaces. The three-point articulation in the new compactors guarantees outstanding directional stability, impressive stability when negotiating curves, and a high level of safety against overturning. This means that the compactors deliver outstanding manoeuvrability and excellent compaction, even on uneven terrain. The models are driven by a robust, water-cooled 4-cylinder engine in accordance with CEV Stage IV. If the driver selects the average speed, the machine operates in ECO mode. This mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%, as well as lowering CO2 and noise emissions. It is also equipped with large-sized hydraulic components and a smart control system.

Wirtgen Hamm Soil Compactor 311

Compactor with suitable for heavier application

Models are specially designed with operator comfort in mind. With its closed HVAC cabin and a more powerful engine, the compactor is highly suitable for heavier application usage. The equipment cater to activities as diverse as urban construction, road building, infrastructure, and mining. The turbocharged engine is equipped with an air after-cooler system with internal EGR that increases the density of the intake air, improving efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Coupled with the turbo pre-cleaner, the water cooled engine ensures excellent cooling and lowest fuel consumption in its category. The drum drive system features an additional high torque drive motor mounted on the front drum frame, resulting in excellent gradeability. Vibration stages provided by a variable displacement bi-directional axial piston pump with electrical displacement control allow effective compaction on a wide range of soil types. The optimised HVAC cabin gives an excellent front and rear drum/nozzle visibility, making the drive and compaction process easier and safer.

Case 1107EX Soil Compactor

Compactors with Intelli-Compaction feature

Models are now available with provides Relative Compaction value, which helps in achieving consistent and uniform compaction throughout the patch. The digital display shows High/ Low frequency and Amplitude values for compaction control. The Intelli-Control, Intelli-Compaction and Intelli-Load are all integrated with Livelink, our advanced Telematics Technology, which enables predictive maintenance, location and monitoring to achieve high uptime of the equipment. The Compaction Metre ensures uniform compaction as the operator exactly knows where to stop and the number of passes that are required to achieve the desired density. This leads to uniform compaction density and savings in fuel as well as time. It helps in reducing the number of passes and also avoids over-compaction. The cab platform is mounted on 4 viscous mounts, to isolate it from any vibrations and to make the operator feel comfortable even during high amplitude passes.

JCB 116 Soil Compactor

Compactor specifically for rough terrain applications

The latest soil compactor delivers all your compaction needs and includes features that help you tackle even the most demanding jobs. These machines give you quality, reliability and safety, as well as peace of mind as you tackle the construction site. Our soil compactors are versatile machines that efficiently and effectively compact varying soils and aggregates in applications such as highways, utilities, water retention structures, as well as in large residential, commercial and industrial site preparation. The models combines dynamic drum forces and a heavy drum weight to produce the energy necessary to achieve material target density in fewer passes. With the highest centrifugal force in its class, the compactors deliver unmatched performance, ease of operation and outstanding output.  The latest models also enable operators to access hard-to-reach areas of the job site thanks to the fully integrated traction control system. Preventing wheel slip provides stability when operating on steep inclines and slippery surfaces. Meanwhile, the tapered drum frame allows the machine to operate on slopes up to 35 degrees and provides greater clearance when loading and unloading for transport. 

Volvo SD110C Soil Compactor


Newer compaction equipment combines existing features with intelligent compaction technology. It has great compaction output while offering improved efficiencies and cost savings as well. These are suitable for the compaction of a wide range of soils, from silt to crushed stones. The machine models could be put through more work cycles. Ease of use and improved ergonomics are also design targets for manufacturers, who have long recognized that more comfortable machines can be operated more productive.The infrastructure development projects planned by the government in the roads and highway sector, this demand has increased considerably. The growth of this sector is interlinked with the growth of the Indian economy and indirectly, with the growth of infrastructure. There is huge growth potential for compactors in an India that is developing a lot in terms of infrastructure. With competition, intensifying suppliers are concentrating on coming out with machines that would ideally suit Indian working conditions.


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