Power Curbers 5700-D offers one-machine slipform solution

Power Curbers

Power Curbers is ready to introduce the next generation of the 5700 Series curb machine. In January, 2020, the 5700-D replaces the 5700-C as the “one machine solution” for concrete slipform applications. 

The 5700-D excels in curbing, sidewalk, barrier, ditches, paving, tunnel, agricultural and specialized applications. Compact size, simple design, easy operation, high productivity and versatility remain core features of the 5700-D.  

The new Power Curber SlipSmart Control System makes the 5700-D the most responsive yet. Its simplicity and accuracy provide contractors a new level of precision. The SlipSmart controls come ready to interface with Topcon, Leica, and Trimble 3-D/Stringless systems. In addition to the control system, many new features enhance the 5700-D’s versatility. 

  • “All up” jog switch that raises or lowers all crawler posts simultaneously
  • New vibrator master scaling knob allows the operator to increase or decrease vibration across all vibrators while individual vibrator adjustments remain relative to each other
  • Improved cross-slope control
  • Auto-calibration for the radius steer sensor
  • Fine scaling of speed pots
  • Engine display replaces individual gauges
  • Easy-pivot conveyor
  • Wires are etched with descriptive label text matching machine schematics
  • Cold air dam between engine and console to keep the console and operator cooler
  • Improved wand-activated high-pressure water system
  • Redesigned door latches, including a single, lower latch to access the engine compartment
  • Toolbox end doors
  • Shovel holders at conveyor
  • Improvements and additions to optional equipment including, a new canopy, improved low-pressure water system, and improved barrier lift kit with the reach doubled up to 48″ (1220mm)

Source: https://www.heavyequipmentguide.ca/