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No Toll Plaza Within 60 km of Each Other, Existing Ones To Be Closed In 3 Months

The Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari in a recent Lok Sabha session informed that there should not be any toll plaza within 60 kilometre distance on the national highway.

The Union Minister further assured that measures will be taken for the implementation of the said initiative and he also will assure that in the next three months there are no NH toll booths within 60 km.

As informed by Gadkari through his official Twitter account all toll plazas that are placed within 60 kilometre of distance from each other on the national highways will be shut down in the upcoming 3 months.

The minister made the announcement in a questioning session in Lok Sabha while replying to the demands of the ground pertaining to his ministry.

On questions raised by the ministers about people near NH toll booths, Gadkari said that those people residing close to the toll plazas can get their passes by using their Aadhar cards.

In the Lok Sabha session on Wednesday, the road and highways minister also addressed issues related to infrastructure development in Jammu & Kashmir.

He said that nearly one thousand people are currently working on the Zojila tunnel project at eight degrees Celsius. Gadkari also informed that projects worth Rupees 7,000 are underway in Jammu and Kashmir.

On speaking about the Delhi-Amritsar Highway project he said that the work has already started and is under construction. It is expected to be completed by the end of this year and will allow people to travel a long distance in a short time than before.

After the completion of the Delhi-Amritsar Highway project, people can visit Mumbai from Srinagar in just 20 hours and the distance between Amritsar and Delhi will be covered in just 4 hours as informed by the union minister Nitin Gadkari during his speech in Lok Sabha.


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