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How Can You Seal the Garage Door During Winter?

When the cold winter weather arrives in a few days, it’s crucial to ensure the windows are correctly installed to keep out the drafts. Most homeowners prefer to insulate the entryways, but they must understand that garage doors can also be the biggest culprit for energy loss.

Ensure all the weather stripping is fitted tightly against the frame. An extra protection layer is added to cover up the cracks. In this blog, we will learn how to seal the garage door to prevent the chilly wind from entering your home. Don’t worry—it is not difficult, and we will help!

Methods for sealing a garage door during winter 

Here are some of the methods to seal a garage door in winter:

  • Heavy-duty curtains need to be hung over the door

Heavy-duty curtains can be the perfect choice to hang over the garage door if you want a permanent solution. It will block out light entirely and prevent the entry of drafts and cold air. The best part is that heavy-duty curtains are expensive, and you can quickly get them at your local market, making them a perfect garage door sealing option. 

To hang the curtains, measure the width and height of the garage door and cut out the fabric in the exact dimensions. You can use small curtain rings to hang the curtain from the rod. Ensure adequate weight and tension on the fabric bottom to make it hang straight.

  • A storm door should be installed

Storms help provide an extra layer of protection from the elements and are perfect for sealing garage doors during the winter season. They are readily available at home improvement stores in many styles.

Installing a storm door requires measuring and cutting the frame to fit your garage’s opening. Then, you attach the hinges and mount the frame. Finally, you can attach the door to the frame and shut it using the latch. Strom can be defined as a practical, easy way to protect your garage during the winter.

  • Use plastic sheeting to cover the door

Remember, plastic sheets are the best option if you are looking for an easy and quick way to seal the garage door during the winter. They create an airtight seal and keep out cold air. You must staple the sheet properly and use heavy-duty tape to secure it. Please do not leave holes and gaps in the sheet, or cold air will get through it.

  • Use door sealant 

After the weather stripping is installed correctly, a sealant should be added to the garage door surface to prevent moisture and air from entering. Various kinds of sealants are available, and rubber sealant and silicone-based caulk are popular options for sealing garage doors in Hamilton.


Sealing your high-quality garage doors in Hamilton can prevent the chilled cold air from entering the home and increasing your electricity bills. If you take the time to do the aforementioned small practices, you can keep your family warm and snuggly this winter.


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