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High performance Instacem cement

The primary advantage of InstacemTM is its “Quick setting and Curing Free” nature. Concretes, grouts and mortars made with InstacemTM can be formulated to achieve compressive strengths excess of 20 MPa or 3000 psi in as little as 4 hours. It is possible to attain desired 28 day strength in 24 hrs. “Quick Return to Service – RTS in few Hrs”.

Inherent chemistry of InstacemTM makes it to “set in low temperatures”. It is less permeable to water and superior resistant to chemicals. Makes it an ideal choice to use in constructions and repair where return to service and durability are of primordial importance.

InstacemTM is high performance cement based on new generation microcrystalline technology with many superior properties over Portland cement and complying with American standard ASTM C 1600. Unique properties are achieved by careful selection and processing of raw materials and blending with proprietary additives.

How it works

Faster dissolution and precipitation of constituents present in InstacemTM results in the quicker formation of micro fine crystals which fills the pore structure thereby increasing the density of the matrix and reducing permeability. The crystals thus formed are enrobed by the Aluminate, Carbonate and Silicate phases making it stable and more durable.

How to use

In the same way as Portland cement and hence easy adoption.

Invention background

Although Portland cement has been successfully used for many years, it is not without limitations. Some of the common problems associated with Portland cement products are slow strength gain, cracking due to drying shrinkage, porosity and need of water curing, susceptible to attack by chemicals, Alkali Silica Reaction, difficulty to set in low temperature, etc.

The quest for high performance cement drove our efforts in R&D that resulted in InstacemTM.

Technological Advantage

InstacemTM is a viable alternative to Portland cement with several advantages due to its different hydration chemistry and microstructure. The following are the key properties of our InstacemTM hydraulic binder :

CQUICK SETTING AND NO WATER CURING – Formation of binding phase is much faster due to instant dissolution and precipitation of ingredients and the final hydration product of InstacemTM is different which does not require water curing.

RAPID STRENGTH GAIN – The additives present in InstacemTM increases the dissolution and precipitation rate of its components thereby achieving a faster strength gain.

DECREASED WATER PERMEABILITY- Owing to its unique particle size distribution of InstacemTM the final products formed are dense which decreases the water penetration into InstacemTM substantially.

INCREASED BOND STRENGTH- The additives present in InstacemTM reduce the surface tension thereby increasing its wetting characteristics providing better bonding results than Portland cement.

NON – SHRINK- Because of its ability to bound extra water in its microstructure, InstacemTM does not shrink. The higher rate of strength gain allows InstacemTM to overcome any tension stresses resulting from evaporation. This notably decreases shrinkage and cracks associated with it.

CAN SET IN LOW TEMPERATURE – InstacemTM hydration reaction is exothermic which means heat is created during its setting which prevents the water from freezing and allowing it to set faster at lower temperatures up to +10°C. Hence InstacemTM is an ideal choice over Portland cement for quick construction, repair and disaster management in low temperature region.

THIXOTROPIC – InstacemTM is ideal binder to manufacture spray on cement, thin set tile adhesives and specialty coatings because of its ability to connect quickly when left undisturbed there by achieving the gel strength very fast

DURABILITY – Absence of tri Calcium Aluminate and the nature of InstacemTM to bind the chloride ions make it resistant to sulfates and chlorides.

Instacem’s unique formula provides excellent protection for embedded and reinforcing steel due to its low permeability and particularly its high chloride resistance, and the ability of its crystals to react with thin layers of iron oxide rust to form stable phases, which in turn increases the steel’s passivity, consequently eliminating corrosion.

Often the grouts based on OPC rely on hydrogen or other gas formation to expand the grout during the gel phase in order to compensate for the shrinkage. The problem of hydrogen embrittlement of reinforcing steel that may arise due to the use of OPC based grouts are completely eliminated by using grouts made of Instacem because of its non shrinking nature.

In summary InstacemTM advantage includes low shrinkage, low permeability, rapid strength gain, curing benefits, sulfate resistance, ability to resist chloride penetration and long term durability.



InstacemTM, a single value added product for multiple applications at construction site. Comparing to Portland cement, InstacemTM volume requirement may be less at a project site due to its utilization for selective critical works alone where the labor and time savings are possible. But the end cost savings to the builders will be unmatched when worked out and it actually simplifies many activities. Some of the potential utilization areas of InstacemTM are…

  • Residential and commercial
  • Rapid foundation in water table high area
  • Quick concealing of electrical and plumbing pipes, can be painted in few hours
  • Quick fixing of gates and grills
  • Quick anchoring of posts and polls
  • Instant concreting needs, access ramps, staircases and Quick reworks
  • Curing free plastering in access difficult area and exteriors of high rise buildings


  • Quick Industrial flooring
  • Fast track construction expansion program
  • Faster foundation, anchoring and installation of equipment
  • Construction of effluent treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, wate treatment plant and drains with better chemical resistance and durability.


Over time, buildings and structures degrade and require refurbishment in order to extend their design life or improve their appearance. By using InstacemTM for repair, life of the structures can be substantially increased by solving the complex material related problems like bonding, shrinkage, corrosion protection of rebar, etc. – Ideal for renovation of industries, retail shops, malls and commercial buildings with quick return to service and related commercial advantages.


Most of the case, return to service (RTS) time by using InstacemTM is less than 4 hours and hence become ideal for the following applications where RTS and performance are crucial

  • Full depth concrete panel repair in roads
  • Instant repair of Railway platform, Tunnels, Manholes, Industrial floors, Parking area, access ramp, staircase, etc.
  • Rapid repair of essential infrastructures like sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, storm water, drainage, cannels, etc


InstacemTM when combined with any latex polymer solution becomes an ideal solution for water proofing because of the formation of interlocking crystals which forms a mat thereby preventing the penetration of water – better than Portland cement combination with latex polymer.

Floor screeds made using InstacemTM are less water permeable comparing to Portland cement based screed and hence ideal for usage in water tight areas like Bath room flooring, Sunken area, Water tank and Sump.


Having InstacemTM in a project and using it for specific application translates to completing a job with suitable tools and reaping related benefits.

Eventhough InstacemTM is marginally expensive than Portland cement on a first-cost basis it actually leads to lots of cost savings and convenience when worked out on end to end cost.

Cost savings comes from factors like curing elimination, equipment rental minimization and huge time saving due to rapid return to service or quickly getting ready for further process like painting, coating etc.

For a contractor or owner, the value of time for a repair delay that results in a late opening of a parking garage, an airport runway or a retail center is often much greater than the premium paid for InstacemTM. On many jobs, bonuses offered for getting a job done on time or project completed earlier is money well spent.

InstacemTM is the product of Ecomaterials India LLP. Ecomaterials invents and offer innovative technologies to its clients enabling them to develop products of the future and achieve competitive edge and enhanced market position.


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