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Environment ministry panel recommends clearance for DDA housing project

An environment ministry panel has recommended clearance for a Rs 56-crore housing project of the Delhi Development Authority. The project, which will construct two 33.7-metre-high towers each with a total of 102 flats in Sector B, Vasant Kunj in south Delhi, got the nod of the ministry-constituted Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) last month.

The EAC noted that the project came under the ‘Building and Construction Projects’ category of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) notification 2006, and required appraisal at state level.

However, in the absence of such a committee in Delhi, the project was appraised at the central level.

“The proposal is for granting of Environmental Clearance to the project-construction of 3 BHK with Servant Room and 2 BHK Houses – in Masoodpur Sector B Vasant Kunj New Delhi by Delhi Development Authority for plot area 6,161.5 sqm and total built-up area of 23,914 sqm.

“The project/activity is covered under category… ‘Building and Construction projects’ of the Schedule to the EIA Notification, 2006 and its subsequent amendments, and requires appraisal at State level. However, due to absence of SEIAA/SEAC in Delhi, the proposal has been appraised at Central level by sectoral EAC,” it noted.

As per the procedure, once the EAC recommends a project, it goes to the environment minister for the final approval.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) informed the panel that the project would cost Rs 56.22 crore and help in improving quality of life of the economically weaker sections of the local area.

Noting that the proposed project site has a total 118 trees, out of which, 78 are required to be cut, 29 to be retained and 11 need to be transplanted, the EAC directed the DDA to ensure that no tree shall be cut or transplanted unless exigencies demand.

“Where absolutely necessary, tree cut/transplantation shall be with prior permission from the Tree Authority constituted as per the Delhi Preservation of Trees Act, 1994. Old trees should be retained based on girth and age regulations as may be prescribed by the Forest Department.

“Plantations to be ensured species (cut) to species (planted). In case of cut/non-survival of any transplanted tree, compensatory plantation in the ratio of 1:10 (planting of 10 trees for every one tree) shall be done and maintained,” the EAC added.


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