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Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar for AAC Blocks and Fly-ash bricks

A revolutionary technique for new-age masonry

It is very important to choose a product for construction that provides the necessary durability for a long-lasting life cycle of a building. Among all different products, block jointing mortar is one of the main elements in building the walls of the house. It is used to build strong walls and is applied to join the bricks with each other. It is ready to mix and use cement, graded sand, and other materials used between bricks to strengthen and water retention properties. It is very much important to use the superior quality of mortar; otherwise, you will face problems in the future. Block Jointing Mortar is a versatile thin jointing material for laying AAC Blocks and fly ash bricks. The product is specially designed to provide higher bonding as a result of higher tensile adhesion strength.

The qualities of block jointing mortar; 

  • Adding strength
  • Great coverage
  • Ready to use
  • No water curing
  • Crack reduction

Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar is one product that meets all these requirements. It is ready to use dry powder which upon addition of the specified amount of water produces a soft mortar with excellent spreadability and high tensile adhesion properties. It is a blend of Portland Cement, Grade aggregates and special additives. The addition of specified amounts of water produces a soft mortar with excellent spreadability & high tensile adhesion properties. Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar is a self-curing mortar and does not require water curing.


  • Premix Mortar requiring only water addition at site 
  • Self – Curing 
  • Fast & easy application of blocks 
  • Excellent Bond strength
  • No water curing required


Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar is used as bedding mortar for fixing AAC Blocks and Fly-ash bricks. The product can also be used for fixing hollow blocks. The mortar design ensures fast and easy application of blocks with the least wastage.

Fosroc – ‘FOSguard’ a New Umbrella Brand for the Building Sector

Conbextra Block Jointing Mortar is a product under FOSguard brand of Fosroc India. They have unveiled this new umbrella brand for the building segment. It unites all of Fosroc’s vast experience in providing constructive solutions and services for every stage of a building’s life-cycle built on a broad portfolio of products. The new brand demonstrates Fosroc’s testament to continuing to drive innovation and deliver high-performance products to the buildings sector, whilst cementing their brand. With their commitment to valued customers for providing complete solutions for the buildings they have a host of products including waterproofing, repairs, grouts, anchors, protective coatings , sealants , mould release agents and curing compounds.

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