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AAI acquires defence reserve land for runway lights installations

AAi acquire 10.2-acre defence reserve at the Guindy end of the primary runway,for landing light installation.

This is a portion of the 21.2 acres that the airport obtained in three separate places nearby for various projects to increase aeroplane handling capacity.

“The land has been handed over to the airport. The parcel of land near Officers Training Academy (OTA) will be used for setting up lights for Cat (category) I for Guindy-end of the main runway,” stated a representative for the Airports Authority of India (AAI). This facilitates the accurate use by pilots of the instrument landing system (ILS), which directs aircraft to the runway for landing.

Due to the state government’s recent acquisition of property close to the airport, construction will shortly begin. 8.5 acres on the second runway and 2.5 acres on the Pallavaram side of the main runway are two more land parcels that have been transferred.

The airport’s runway has to be upgraded, especially the lighting, because arriving planes must fly above Kathipara, Alandur Metro Station, and GST Road Metro Rail Line.

The 8.5 acres of property will allow the airport to construct a parallel taxiway on the second runway’s northern side, where a hangar is located. It will mostly be utilised to transport aircraft for repair. Now, in order to get to the hangar, aircraft must utilise the runway.

The opening of a new airport terminal is anticipated for this year. The international arrival terminal will be destroyed and rebuilt when the new structure has been put into use.

Instead of the existing capacity of 17-20 million people, the modernization work will equip the airport to accommodate 35 million passengers annually.


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