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Tips to Get Re-Employed After Being Laid Off

Consider this: On the very top of your email inbox reads a mail saying that you have been dismissed from your duties. In pursuit of further clarification on the matter, you openup your company computer only to figure that the corporate access you thought would last you your entire life had been denied for you.

The time is tough but trust when we say that you are tougher. All you need is a little guidance and we are here to give it to you. The first thing on your mind must be getting another job so your livelihood is secure. After all, you not only have yourself to feed but also your kids.

In order to aid you in your mission to get re-employed as soon as possible, we have compiled a helpful guide. This will not only detail tips for resumes and cover letters but also for interviews and usage of job search platforms.

Without wasting any more time, let us go ahead:

Invest in a Quality Internet

This is not a tip that you would expect to see in an employment guideline but we have included it at the top of our listicle for one main reason: the internet is crucial for almost every step of the job application process. In your case, it is imperative to not just get any internet but one that entails high speeds.

We are emphasizing high-speed internet for two main reasons: Firstly, high speeds make you more productive. And your productivity levels need to be unmatched as the sooner you get a job, the better. After all, every day you are unemployed, you are losing out on a significant chunk of, what could have been, your salary.

Secondly, high speeds are crucial for remote interviews which happen much more often now than in the times before the coronavirus shocked the world community. Imagine how horrible you would feel if your internet started lagging when you were in the middle of bragging about how awesome you were at your job. Needless to say, a bad internet connection can cost you a shot at your dream job in these circumstances.

In case you do not already have an internet connection that entails high speeds, consider subscribing to Xfinity’s. The brand not only ensures that you get speedy coverage but is also very willing to help whenever you ring up the Xfinity customer service number.

Do the Homework for Interviews

Whosoever says that interviews cannot be prepped for as you never know what is going to be asked from you is either delusional or does not want you to get re-employed (we are assuming many people are jealous of someone with a career as awesome as yours!)

Doubt what we said in our last paragraph? Well, let us give you a proof to support our argument in the form of two questions that almost always get asked during job interviews:

  • What role do you play in your company?
  • Tell me about yourself.

Besides these two questions, there are a lot more others that are frequently, if not certainly, asked. These include but are not limited to:

  • What is your spirit animal?
  • Describe your greatest challenge and how you overcame it.
  • Tell me about your greatest weakness/strength
  • What is your biggest achievement?

Now, preparing answers to these questions not only means researching answers to them over the internet; it also means drafting your own versions of those answers and then rehearsing them in mock interviews (yes, believe us when we say that they are a thing) and/or in front of the mirror.

Another certain part of an interview is the chance you are given to interview the interviewer. So, draft and rehearse a minimum of three questions for the interviewer as well.

Describe More and Impress Less in Your Application Submissions

Well, we would be pretty rich if we were given a quarter whenever a recruiter trashed a job application solely on the basis of the fact that their resume was too flowery. Truth be told, words like excellent and successful do not mean anything if you do not mention the statistics that lead you to think that your work was above par.


Hopefully, you will be able to implement all the tips we mentioned above and will soon be sitting at an initiation orientation at your dream workplace!


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