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Mast Climbing platforms with safety standard

Mast Climbing platforms are ideal for facade work when a project presents logistical challenges such as excessive heights. Efficient at even the lowest levels, mast climbing work platforms provide the ideal vertical access solution for facade work such as bricking, window installation, and coating. It is used to transport people, their tools and materials to the working area to work safely and ergonomically as the machine can move between any level of the structure. The platforms have gained popularity with Indian contractors, as they can be erected fast at sites with space restrictions, as well as can reduce labour costs.

Everest Engineering Equipment Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of Mast Climbing Work Platforms that provide high safety standards and very large load capacity, It comes with a single mast, twin mast and also as multiple platforms that can be joined together to make the shape of the building. The equipment can be customized to suit specific building profiles and project needs. Mast Climber / Rack & pinion Platforms are the modern day solution that provides high safety standards compared with rope suspended platforms.

Mast Climbing Work Platform Product Range;

  • Mast Climbing Work Platform with Single Mast from 3m to 10.5m in length.
  • Mast Climbing Work Platform with Twin Mast from 11m to 24m in length.
  • Multiple platforms can be joined together to make the shape of the building.

Everest Engineering has been at the forefront of providing technologically advanced Men & Material Hoist, Passenger Hoist Rack & Pinion Construction Platforms, Tower Cranes and Tower Crane Anti Collision Systems. EEE has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2012. As on date, EEE is a well-respected name in the construction and infrastructure equipment sector. The ISO 9001 certified firm offers products which are highly treasured for their durability, reliability and high performance level. After Sales Service is the key differentiator between the company and competitors. The company has 40+ Service Engineers, Technicians and Riggers placed strategically across the country to make sure that the company is able to attend all customer’s queries.

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