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Building A House Vs Buying: Which Is Better?

Buying or building a house can be a significant decision, especially when your life’s hard-earned money is involved. It takes comparison, analysis, valuation, and factor consideration to select the best idea among the two. You may consider building a house yet cannot deny the benefits of a ready made house. Moreover, there are pros and cons with both the options of building or buying a house. Do detailed research on the market to know property rates and other formalities. New townhouse developments are quite popular according to the current and prospective trends.

You should choose a house that fits your need and requirement criteria. If you are still confused between building or buying, keep reading the article below. 

  • Pros of building a house

There are multiple benefits to avail by selecting to build a house. You can enjoy custom designs of luxurious villas and are free to decorate them with perfect space allotment to each section. 

  1. Personalise home – With custom-built homes, you can add your designs with endless beauty or storeys. You can choose a high-quality material which is not at all possible with already-built homes. A newly constructed house will need less maintenance but you may notice maintenance issues even before your shift. 
  1. First home owners grant (FHOG) – It is a payment that is available for new house owners. Moreover, FHOG is also provided to buyers that prefer buying a brand-new house. Homeowners receive around $7000 from the state or territory government to assist in maintaining a budget. The amount varies according to the state or territory. 
  1. Reduced stamp duty cost – First home buyers are eligible for the concession on stamp duty cost which is more than double the cost of building a house. It usually costs tens of thousands of dollars. 
  1. Energy-efficient house – You can build townhouses in Melbourne for energy-efficient houses. A newly constructed house allows you to get more features and options to choose eco-friendly sustainability. It is also beneficial in reducing unnecessary costs of electricity and gas. You can also install an efficient solar system for your house. 

Pros encourage you to build townhouses in Melbourne with required custom home designs. 

  • Cons of building a house

The things that have a positive side also have some drawbacks. It depends on your perspectives based on non-profitability, imperfect functionality and expensive. 

  1. Time – Building a house is not a few days, a week or a monthly task. It takes approximately six months or a year for a house to build. Besides, there are a lot of permissions, approvals, and paperwork that delay construction work. 
  1. Construction loans – Construction loans are available but they have higher interest rates which cost you more and may take a toll on your budget. Furthermore, they expect you to pay a large amount of deposit. 
  1. Climatic change delays – The major drawback of townhouse development is climatic change. Heavy and continuous rainfall can bring construction delays as it lengthens the construction time. It may cost you more and sometimes poor workmanship or labour shortage and other problems become the reason for delay. 

It is quite challenging to eradicate the cons, you can only make efforts to reduce them and it may stress you out to a major extent. 

  • Pros of buying a home 

Here are some pros of buying an already existing house. 

  • Convenience factor – You can also search for the best properties in your town online. It is easy to find and you can enter the property only after a week you search for the property. There are no delays and you don’t have to wait for months or years to get a shift in a ready made house. 
  • Location – A buyer will not face any problem in searching for appropriate property at the desired location. There is no restriction on the size and type of property in an already-constructed house. 
  • Low finance cost – An already constructed house may cost you less than building a new house. You can deposit 20% as a down payment and the remaining loan can be offered at a lower interest rate. 

In pre-constructed houses, a buyer understands the quality of the house. Similarly, they are getting a worthy well-constructed house that fulfils their requirement criteria. 

  • Cons of buying a house 
  • Unavailable features 
  • Higher government fees
  • Wear and tear

Building or Buying – Which one to prefer?

After comparing all the factors, you must select the house that fulfils your priorities. You should consider your budget, satisfactory house features and functionality, desired location, environment, and other factors. If you have all the requirements, then you can neglect the cons and avail benefits of your preferred house. You can build a townhouse with full-fledged features without compromising on anything. If you have a good budget, always choose the best quality products with modern and luxurious facilities. 

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