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Want to Start Your Own Portable Restroom Truck Services?

Do you want Want to Start Your Own Portable Restroom Truck Services? Who You Should Contact?

Starting a portable sanitation business is a financially savvy move, especially in 2022. People are looking forward to a future of going out, spending time with friends and family, and attending events. Event organizers are always going to need sanitation facilities, and the portable restroom industry will stand to gain as a result. Read on to find out what to do to start a portable restroom truck service to take advantage of this anticipated trend.

What’s Required to Start a Portable Restroom Truck Service?

The first thing new business owners will need to acquire is one or more Satellite vacuum restroom trucks. These specialized vehicles are specifically designed to make it easy to maintain portable toilets and restroom trailers.

Some businesses in the portable sanitation industry provide maintenance services for other companies’ portable restroom facilities, while others opt to take care of everything in-house. Either of these is a good solution. Choosing the right portable sanitation business model just requires some market research and acquiring all the equipment is less expensive than many entrepreneurs might expect.

Porta-Potties or Restroom Trailers?

These days, people are paying more attention than ever to personal hygiene and sanitation. Unfortunately, no matter how well-maintained portable toilets are, they have a reputation for being less sanitary than upscale restroom trailers. Business owners shouldn’t assume that means there’s no place for portable toilet rentals in today’s markets, just that the demand for more luxurious and inclusive restroom trailers is expected to be on the rise.

Determining Demand

The best place to start when deciding on a business model and figuring out what services to offer, including what type of portable restrooms to rent, if applicable, is to determine the local level of demand. Start by making a list of all the potential applications for portable restrooms. That list could include:

  •  Public and private event coordinators
  • Construction sites
  • Farms and agricultural facilities
  • Municipal entities
  • Wedding venues

And more

Reach out to local companies in these and other relevant industries and find out what sanitation solutions they currently have in use. Having conversations with potential future customers will give new business owners a chance to assess not just the local demand for more portable restroom services but also who they’ll be competing against and what to expect.

Purchasing Equipment

If entrepreneurs want to start full-service portable sanitation companies, they’ll need more than just vacuum trucks. The good news is that the same vendors often sell all of the equipment required to rent and maintain portable toilets and restroom trailers. To start out, new business owners will need the restrooms, themselves, and all of the equipment required to move, maintain and clean them.

Portable toilets usually require fewer supplies. They’re typically equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer and, in today’s day and age, a freestanding hand washing station outside. Restroom trailers will also feature sinks, paper towel dispensers, mirrors, lighting, and other amenities, and will need to be kept stocked. Find a vendor that can supply all of these necessities.

Start Planning Now

It takes some time to get a portable sanitation business up and running, even after entrepreneurs find a reliable vendor. Aspiring business owners will also need to come up with a solid business plan to acquire financing or attract investors, create and implement a marketing strategy, obtain insurance, and more. Start planning well in advance to maximize the chances of success.


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