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Rajasthan; New Draft of Urban Areas Building Bylaws-2020

In a bid to revive the economy hit by pandemic, the urban development and housing (UDH) department has prepared new draft of Urban Areas Building Bylaws-2020. The bylaws were notified in 2017 and the new draft is now open for public suggestions.

Since April 2020, with complete lockdown, all economic activities came to a grinding halt which led to loss of revenue. Although the lockdown has been lifted, with low cash influx, there seems to be a need to make special provisions for businesses.

Chief town planner of Rajasthan Rajendra Kumar Vijayvargia said, “These new bylaws are drafted keeping in mind about the present economic condition. We are intending to boost small businesses and new business models that are coming up. We are keeping provisions for rooftop restaurants that have become a trend. Bylaws mentioned that eco-friendly houses should not have any concrete or RCC in its structure to be called with this name. Similarly, a new definition of ‘high-rise bildings’ will boost and encourage vertical development and will stop horizontal expansion.”

“The changes have been made according to the new trends in the business world. We are focusing on creating more job opportunities and entrepreneurship. The economic slowdown will have long term impact, so there is a need to amend the regulations as per new societal and economical changes,” said Vijayvargia.

Warehousing is an upcoming business avenue. Thus treating this as industrial activity as done in the bylaws will encourage people to invest in this sector which will create better facilities for farmers and E-commerce business.

Multiple dwelling units and extra built up areas in smaller plots will create business opportunities for small and medium entrepreneurs in real estate and will boost construction activity.


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