Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Enviro India installs revolutionary organic waste converter for Vatika India Next

India’s leading Integrated Facility Management Company, Enviro India, today installed their groundbreaking next-generation Organic Waste Converter at Vatika India Next, Sector 83, Gurugram. Mr. AK Singh, CEO, Enviro, inaugurated the revolutionary waste converter machine and dedicated it to the residents of the prestigious township. This waste converter will turn wet waste into compost/manure that can be used for farming/gardening activities.

With waste management a perpetual problem for major urban centers, the Organic Waste Converter will become a boon for the high population density community clusters. By installing the waste converter machine, Enviro India will contribute in creating excellent sanitation ecosystems and waste management linkages.

Mr. AK Singh, CEO, Enviro said, “Organic Waste Converter is not just a revolutionary machine; it is a game changer in the field of waste management. By utilizing innovative technology, this waste converter will turn wet waste into manure and then the manure will be stored, packed and dispatched. This organic waste converter machine is a testament to Enviro India’s commitment to sustainability and their dedication to creating a Cleaner, greener future for India.”

As a socially responsible firm, Enviro India stands steadfast in its commitment to serving the people and helping India attain its Social Development Goals (SDGs) and create a virtuous circular ecosystem. Built on leading-edge global quality standards, the Organic Waste Converter will prove to be a game-changer for metropolitan cities and help government and non-government agencies tackle the twin challenges of waste segregation and waste disposal. Enviro India has set benchmarks for other firms to emulate and contribute more towards building sustainable business models.


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