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2 Day Seminar on Bridge Engineering

Hybrid (Online and Classroom Sessions) Participants can choose to attend either online or classroom sessions

Date: 27th (Wed) & 28th (Thu) January 2021

Time: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Venue for Classroom Session: The Citadel Hotel, Ananda Rao Circle, Bangalore – 560001

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Importance of a bridge can hardly be understated – it is a vital link for safer, faster and easier transportation of pedestrians and vehicles across an obstacle between two areas; obstacle could be a water body like river, a road, a depression, a gorge etc. Designing a bridge to meet the functional needs demands the best from engineers in terms their knowledge and skills related almost to every aspect of engineering such as, surveying, planning, hydrology and hydraulics, structural engineering, transportation engineering and construction technology, to quote the most important ones.

Like any civil engineering structure, there are several types of bridges – such as, masonry, concrete, steel and steel-concrete composite. Different forms of bridges are trusses, arches,T beam and slab, cable-stayed and suspension bridges. The Bridge designers need to find the most suitable bridge type, material and construction technique for a given situation and for cost optimization without diluting functionality.

INSTRUCT is pleased to present this two day seminar on Bridge Engineering exclusively designed to share insights into design of various bridge elements like superstructure, substructure, foundation, bearings and expansion joints, apart from brief discussions on geotechnical investigations, failure of bridges, construction challenges and repairs and rehabilitation.


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