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Team H&K registers all-time high record of 67 project orders in single year

Team H&K (India) closed the calendar year 2021 with an order book of 67 project orders

Breaking all industry records, Team H&K (India) closed the calendar year 2021 with an order book of 67 project orders, logging an impressive increase of 49% versus the previous year and an all-time high four-year record of 201 orders. 

Since 2018 the H&K team has been recording a strong year-on-year growth that includes 34 project orders in 2018; 55 in 2019; 45 in COVID-year 2020 and 67 in 2021, culminating into a grand score of 201.  

The accolade-worthy performance of 67 project orders smashes all known records in the steel fraternity since the introduction of Quenching & Self-tempering (QST) technology in India in the early 1990s. It includes 8 orders from debut markets, 29 repeat client orders, 19 orders for replacing other quenching systems, and 11 Others.  

Since 2018, Team H&K has been laser-focused on reaching out to an ever-increasing number of rolling mill suppliers. The implementation of this model helped the company increase its footprint in existing markets and target new territories. At the same time, the company’s doubled production output – a product of its expanded workshop facilities – enhanced its ability to serve a growing consumer base.  

The Group’s flagship Thermex QST system and its more recent offering – Tegum – enjoy widespread popularity as both systems can: 

  • Quench rebars from 6mm to 45mm 
  • Operate at speeds in excess of 40m/s 
  • Achieve grades as high as Fe700 as per IS:1786-2008 
  • Satisfy all popular international codes  
  • offer 1-strand, 2-strand, 3-strand, 4-strand, 5-strand, 6-strand configurations

Lending credence to these well-established capabilities of Thermex and Tegum, the H&K team picked up 12 projects of over-25m/s rolling speed; 30 projects of over-Fe600 grade systems; and 5 multi-strand system orders in 2021, signaling a visible shift of rolling mills towards high-speed/high-grade/multi-strand rolling. 

Company Chairman, Mr. Raj Kumar Markan, announced: “The double century calls for a double celebration.” “Robust demand for our Thermex and Tegum QST systems across all domestic and international markets, despite surging raw material prices and general COVID restrictions is due in large part to my hard-working team and to the faith the steel industry has placed in us. I thank them all.”

Markan added: “The company has grown above its pre- COVID crisis levels, demonstrating its ability to capture demand in the debut markets of North America, Middle East, Africa, and in upgradation plus other system replacement business.” 

Entering 2022, H&K will continue its march towards new territories and speed up its R&D efforts for enhancing the efficiency of its system inserts.  


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