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Selection of the right Skid Steer Loader

A skid steer loader is a compact construction machine that is used for a variety of tasks such as digging, grading, demolition, and material handling. Skid steer loaders are compact and can manoeuvre in tight spaces, which helps in construction activities where large vehicles cannot reach or difficult to operate. Additionally, these loaders can be outfitted with different attachments such as forks, buckets, hydraulic hammers, auger, stump grinder, depending upon the specific task to be performed. Their ability to perform multiple tasks just by changing attachments is in great demand across construction, mining and landscaping projects.

Demand for skid steer loaders

The demand for skid steer loaders has been escalating for various reasons. It is used in general construction works in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as in heavy construction works such as metro rail construction where the area is confined. The skid steer loader is also very useful in city maintenance jobs like solid waste handling. The expanding construction and mining industries are primarily augmenting the demand for skid steer loaders to perform several labour-intensive tasks, such as digging, collecting, and lifting several materials, such as debris, sand, cement, etc. Furthermore, the increasing adoption of skid steer loaders in site cleanup, material spreading, road sweeping, backfill, turf and slab preparation, etc., is also propelling the market growth. Moreover, the rising levels of urbanisation coupled with the increasing investments in the development of smart cities and advanced infrastructure projects are further augmenting the demand for automated construction machinery, such as skid steer loaders. Skid steer loaders are gaining popularity in India, especially in the construction and infrastructure sectors, where there is a high demand for compact and versatile machines. Different types of skid steer models with different features are being used across India as per project requirements.

Skid steer loader models and features;

Skid steer loader with advanced electro-hydraulic control

The latest models come with electro-hydraulic control settings that can be modified from the instrument cluster by increasing or decreasing machine, boom, and bucket speed, or simply making the joysticks more or less reactive. Optional ride control provides superior stability and operating speeds, regardless of jobsite conditions. It is powered by four-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine. The cylinder geometry optimises the skid steer loaders push and pull power, while the bucket support bearing directly on the chassis of the machine further adds to its pushing power. The model comes with a standard auxiliary hydraulic flow of 49 L/min, which provides enough power to operate a range of attachments. It has a spacious and comfortable cabin that offers excellent visibility and protection for the operator. The large glazed surface with ultra-narrow wire side screens, the lowered threshold, and thinner front pillars provide better visibility. It also features ergonomically designed controls that are easy to operate and provide precise control over the machine.The model is compatible with a wide range of attachments, including buckets, pallet forks, trenchers, and augers. The equipment is used  for a variety of applications such as digging, grading, landscaping and material handling.


Skid steer loader with single-arm low-slung boom

Skid steer models feature single-arm, low-slung boom designs that offer visibility to both the left and right sides of the machine. The robust structural design of the latest models ensures the machine can operate effectively in harsh environments. It is also equipped with an advanced fuel filtration system. With a 270 degree field of vision,the equipment offers great visibility. The cab is equipped with grills on the right hand side of the machine for increased operator safety. The fuel-efficient engine is designed to provide maximum performance with low fuel consumption and operating costs. High flow hydraulics in the equipment provide greater breakout force. A large side door offers the operator easy access to the cab. There’s a fully adjustable mechanical suspension seat for optimum comfort. To improve the operator’s environment, key controls have been ergonomically placed. Additionally, both a large storage area and cup holder have been incorporated into the arm of the seat. The recruitment’s servo-assisted controls make it easier to operate one of these loaders. An optional multi-functional joystick enables operators to use a wide array of hydraulic attachments.

JCB Skid Steer Loader 135

Skid steer loader for confined spaces

Skid steer loader models feature a tight turning radius that lets you handle big jobs in small areas. The equipment also features a vertical and radius lift path for maximum reach. A vertical lift path provides higher lift capacity and more reach at full lift height  keeping the load closer to the machine while you raise the loader arms. A radius lift path provides maximum reach at truck bed height. A radius lift path excels in jobs at mid-range heights, like dumping over a wall, backfilling, or unloading flatbed trucks. Optional hydraulic bucket positioning features in the model maintain the bucket level when raising lift arms, reducing spillage and allowing you to work more efficiently. It also features loader control systems such as hand and foot controls and the exclusive Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC). The SJC option provides low-effort joysticks to help operators control their loader and attachments more easily and comfortably. It also comes with an automatic shutdown feature that monitors engine and hydraulic functions. The system alerts the operator and actually shuts the machine down – lessening the chance of damage to the engine or hydraulic components. Additionally, the skid steer loader features a cooling system with dual path design that senses engine temperature and only turns as fast as needed, reducing sound levels and providing excellent protection from overheating. It comes with a Deluxe Cab with Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) option, keeping the operators comfortable.

Bobcat®  S450 skid-steer loader

Skid steer loader with anti-stall system

The anti-stall system in skid steer loaders maximises machine power at all times by matching the engine torque with the operational requirements. This load sensing feature prevents the engine from stalling even during partial throttle operation, keeping productivity high and fuel consumption low. It is also equipped with hand and foot throttles that allow the operator to match engine speed to the task. The hand throttle is ideal for jobs requiring constant engine speed. The foot throttle lets the operator vary engine speed and minimise fuel consumption for other tasks such as load and carry, truck loading, grading, and dozing. Ergonomic, pilot hydraulic controls deliver precise control with minimal effort. The right joystick controls the loader raise, lower, and tilt functions, while the left joystick controls the forward and reverse travel speeds plus direction. Optional deluxe joysticks provide additional auxiliary controls with fingertip control of many work tool functions, including proportional work tool hydraulics and work tool electrical.

Cat®  216B Series 3 Skid Steer Loader


The demand for skid steer loaders is expected to continue to rise in construction and mining sectors. With the Indian government’s emphasis on infrastructure development and the growing need for mechanisation in construction skid steer loaders are one of most sorted construction equipment. It is also expected to experience considerable growth owing to technological advancements with respect to engines used, telematics integration, and operator comfort.

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