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One-Point Construction Chemicals Shoppe – Trade Winds

Widely used in the construction sector, construction chemicals are chemical formulations that are used with cement, concrete and various other construction materials at the time of construction to hold the construction material together. Construction chemicals protect concrete structures from degradation and are widely used in constructing roads and bridges, airports, domestic & commercial establishments, metro transit and lot more. Products include concrete admixtures, epoxy grout, degreasing chemicals, sealing compounds, cement admixtures, grouting compound, concrete curing compound, asphalt modifiers and more. Dealing with the products is complicated therefore all you need is a trustable dealer who is giving different options as per need and demand. One such dealer is Trade Winds.

Trade Winds is headed by Dr. V. Rajendran, a qualified structural engineer. He has done his  Ph.D. Research in the area of Corrosion Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures using self-sacrificial anodes. Trade Winds are one of the renowned dealers of construction chemicals in Chennai. The company is a multi-branded one-stop-shop of the Hitech Group of Companies for all construction chemicals and it is located at Vadapalani, in the heart of the Chennai City.

It was established in the year 1990 and has crossed 25 years of excellent service to the customers. They are supplying appropriate and durable construction chemical products for the new construction/waterproofing/repair/strengthening/rehabilitation / retrofitting and protective coating to the distressed structural elements of various types of RC buildings.

They provide the construction industry with appropriate solutions/methodology in the area of new construction, repairs, flooring and waterproofing. Additionally, they are also providing training to the various applicators for the successful execution of the various Repairs, Flooring and Waterproofing work. Organizing training programs for the dissemination of knowledge for the successful execution of the repairs, flooring and waterproofing works for the benefit of field engineers in the Civil Engg. Industry.

Trade Winds are well experienced in selecting the appropriate construction chemicals matching the requirement of the customer. Ever since their inception, they have been offering their clients the best in terms of appropriate products at most affordable rates. Their range of products include-

Range of Products

  1. Admixtures Concrete & Waterproofing
  2. Grouts & Anchors
  3. Joint Sealants
  4. Concrete Repairs
  5. Protective Coatings
  6. Industrial Flooring
  7. Surface Treatments
  8. Bonding Agents
  9. Waterproofing Coatings
  10. Bentonite based Membrane Waterproofing
  11. Water stopper
  12. Bentogrout Waterproofing
  13. PU Injection Grouts
  14. Tile Adhesives & Grouts
  15. Heat Resistance Tiles
  16. Anti – Termites
  17. Sacrificial Anodes for Corrosion protection – Galvashield XP
  18. Cathodic protection systems.

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