Faster and flatter floors from Somero India

faster and flatter floors

Industrial and warehouse floors are seeing demand for faster and flatter floors. Methods incorporating long strip concrete placement are required now. Superflat floors are being constructed with tighter tolerances than conventional floor slabs. The control of highly accurate transverse and longitudinal tolerances is achieved through pouring the concrete in narrow strips using specialized materials and machines of construction. One such group providing machinery for the flatter floor is Somero India.

The company is renowned for providing faster and flatter floors with fewer people. They use large pour-free movement laser screed technology that eliminates the need of having formwork at regular intervals except at day joints. To minimize risk of cracking, drying shrinkage is controlled by carefully-designed layout and installation of induced and formed joints. Large pour floors are constructed to tolerate free-movement floors, so that MHE can travel randomly in any direction.

Somero India machinery range

Somero India manufactures laser-guided and many other technologically innovative machinery used in horizontal concrete placement. Their machinery range helps to achieve a high level of precision in concrete surface flatness at a higher rate of efficiency than conventional methods. By using Somero equipment, flooring contractors can attain the highest level of flat-floor precision.

Their range includes-

  • Ride-on screeds
  • Stationary screeds
  • Lightweight screeds
  • Material placement
  • Boom screeds

Somero India offers a wide portfolio of products that cover concrete slab placements in all types of construction projects. In addition to machinery, the company also sells parts, accessories and provides service and training to customers to keep their machines up and running and operating optimally.

Somero India machinery applications

Somero India’s machinery is used to place and screed the concrete slab in all structure types. These machinery have been specified for use in the construction of warehouses, manufacturing assembly plants, exterior paving and parking structures, retail centers, and other commercial construction projects that require extremely flat concrete-slab floors.

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