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Soon, people can assess property tax with new software in Lucknow

Citizens will soon be able to assess and pay house tax and property tax from home. A software being prepared by NIC will enable people to determine their own property tax without manual intervention; thus reducing the chances of corruption.

Called property tax Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the software will come up in the next 10 days.

As of now, people have to fill a self-assessment form that is scrutinised by the taxation officer of the area and the tax amount is generated. The new software will provide services like self-assessment of property tax of house, shop and property tax return.

It will collect/record all information of properties within a jurisdiction, calculate the tax at prescribed rates and levy and collect tax in a transparent manner. “There were cases in the past where the tax assessment done by a taxation officer was found faulty or complaints were raised against the assessed tax. With the new software, people will have the option to self-assess house/property tax,” said a senior LMC official.

The payment would be made online and transactions would be recorded with LMC instantly with the owner sitting at home.

LMC chief taxation officer Ashok Singh said, “This software will be ready for use in the next 10 days.”


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