Laser-Guided Concrete Screed (Ride On) from Surie Polex

laser-guided screed

The most prominent advantage of Laser-guided concrete screed equipment is that it can achieve laser-precise levelness and flatness every time. Floors produced by Laser-guided concrete screed are typically stronger, flatter and more level than those produced by traditional techniques. With the correct equipment, a concrete contractor can save a lot of manpower and obtain better and faster screeding. If you are looking for good screeding capability and high output then Surie Polex’s laser guided concrete screed (Ride On) is the perfect choice for you. Surie Polex laser guided concrete screed equipment is built from quality materials with reliability, durability and low maintenance in mind.

The advantages of Surie Polex high performance laser-guided concrete screed (ride on)

Surie Polex high performance laser-guided concrete screed (ride on) comes with the latest technology which eases operation and maximises productivity. It is used in large area concrete construction, such as industrial floors, warehouse floors, supermarkets, airports and so on. The laser guided concrete screed (ride on) can satisfy the construction requirements of a large area with good flatness and good levelness. The product model focused here is Laser Guided Concrete Screed SPLS-14. Some of its features are-

  • A higher construction efficiency
  • The ride-on machine is fully hydraulic
  • There is a laser system to level the surface with controlled elevation system
  • Provides a high-quality flatness
  • It is relatively easier to operate the equipment
  • The design is user-friendly and contains microcomputer laser scans
  • This machine has a strong vibrator
  • The equipment’s  running system consists of 4 Hydraulic drive motor
  • The wheel consists of a solid puncture-proof tyre
  • The machines screed system is 2500mm width with auger screw
  • Its engine power Is 20HP @ 3600rpm
  • Weight of the machine is 2200kg
  • Working Diameter of the machine is 2500mm

An array of Laser Guided Concrete Screed machines from the house of Surie Polex

Surie Polex screed machines aid flooring contractors to create concrete floors that are more level and stronger than those created by more conventional techniques of screeding. Their range has a lot of variety which is manufactured using premium grade raw material and latest technology.

The company has an excellent network of sales and distribution in all parts of India. They are now looking to expand their network abroad to sell their extensive range of products.