Faster construction with High-Speed CNC rebar processing machines

CNC rebar processing machines

At present, the entire construction industry is reeling under immense pressure for timely delivery of projects and minimum labour costs. In high-rise construction, floor-to-floor slab cycles become fast and are monitored by developers or project owners. Rebar processing machines are a solution to these concerns to supply huge quantity processed rebars in a very short time.

The CNC rebar processing machine helps to set the desired angles so that the machine can execute accurate bends. There is a huge potential for rebar processing due to the trend of processed steel. Rebar processing machines are imperative in the construction business because of the fast tasks and precision of bowing points. Appropriate for bowing wide assortments of steel bars, TMT, and fortification bars utilized in developing these specific devices are equipped for bowing the hardest rebars. While processing rebars from coils through these machines the wastage is negligible.

High-speed CNC rebar processing machines supply

Rebar processing machines include servo motors with drives that run easily preventing undesirable wear. Rebar can be twisted to any ideal point with the assistance of powerful bowing rollers in the bowing machine. Rebar bender equipment accelerates the tasks while offering more prominent quality in twisting. Everest Engineering is supplying a high compressive Rebar processing machine for your project needs. They are supplying high-speed CNC rebar processing machines. CNC machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the production as per customer requirements. This can be programmed / modified by the customer very easily as per their requirements. The quantity of production also can be programmed. Some of the important features of this machinery are-

  • Automatic rebar feeding system
  • CNC stirrup for single and twinTMT rods from 6mm diameter to 16mm diameter
  • Split, multi-blade design (patented) to reduce consumption costs
  • CNC Machine Control Panel
  • Maximum speed 110 m/min
  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy relocation of this machine
  •  The desired cuts are programmed into the software and dictated to production requirements
  •  High power Quick feeding motor to ensure speed & accuracy
  • Advantages of straightening, measuring length, bending, shearing and counting
  •  Bi directional bending (both Up and down)
  • High production efficiency due to rod reversibility

Apart from this, they have an array of rebar processing equipments like Lattice girder plant, weld mesh plant, double bender (up to 60mm), Shear lines….etc

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