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Different types of Piling Rigs in India

Piling rigs are commonly used for drilling in grounds with silty clay and sandy soil and include an impact hammer and a long, columnar and extendable component, or pile. It can perform auger boring, drilled percussion, impact-driven and rotary boring piling. It can be used for a wide range of applications, such as foundation reinforcement, cast-in piles, and installing diaphragm walls. Piling rigs in India come with different features that can be utilised to dig within the earth’s subsurface, making of the water wells, oil wells or natural gas extraction wells, or to install sub-surface fabrications. It is designed for multipurpose use and can be equipped with special kits for different foundation and geotechnical construction methods. In India, the piling rig is foreseeing demand in roads, metro rails and other infrastructure developments. Manufacturers and distributors offer more robustly built machines to pile at deeper depths with greater precision. Discussed below are the different types of piling rings being used across projects in the country.

Piling rings in India

Piling rig for higher torque and faster speed of drilling

The large core parameters such as high torque and crowd force; fast line speed of main rope to ensure high drilling efficiency in hard soil layer; it is suitable for the overpass, high-speed rail, large buildings and other large hole foundation fields. The latest piling machinery boasts of high efficiency and performance. It comes loaded with an impressively powerful engine and six gear control system which significantly enhances its power and drilling capacity. For high-efficiency rotary drive, 13-15 m friction Kelly and 12-15m interlocking Kelly made of high-strength steel tubes are available in the piling rig. Its maximum output torque reaches 235 kN.m, the maximum pile depth is 68m down, and the maximum pile diameter is 2000 mm. Furthermore, the machine is suitable for other common foundation work including drilling with continuous flight auger, double rotary head or Kelly bar, soil mixing, and piling work with a hydraulic hammer, etc. The reliable structure of the piling rig is designed for all arduous applications. From soft soil to hard rock, the new piling rig is suitable for all kinds of applications on a wide variety of strata. The piling rig also comes with a specially designed carrier that has been strengthened to give more stability to the rig and the main winch is mounted on the base carrier which supports it for reduced shocks.

Sany SR235

Piling rig for difficult terrains

The latest models are also designed to work on the most difficult sites and have excellent technical characteristics. The 60 kN high-speed winch for fast work and torque output of 135 kNm and speed up to 30 rpm. It is ideal for drilling large and small diameter boreholes. The SPM (Smart Power Management) allows intelligent engine power management to improve the performance and productivity of machinery. The SPM (Smart Power Management) allows intelligent engine power management to improve the performance and productivity of machinery. The XP technology monitors the instantaneous power and hydraulic flows and allocates the full available power according to the requirements of the task. The result is an increase in machine efficiency. These machines can be used for various applications like Piling, Dwell, CFA, Stone Column, Soil mixing, Foundation cranes, Jet Grouting etc. The features like Smart Power management and Load sensing hydraulic circuit entails a high level of operational efficiency and transfer of idle power to rotary and winches for better productivity. The power system uses the Full Load Sensing (FLS) technology. Unlike the common hydraulic managing systems, the FLS pressurises only the required amount of oil requested by users thanks to the back-action between pumps and distributors. It manages the power demands and reduces dissipations, leading to fuel saving.

Casagrande B200 XP-2

Piling rig with hydraulic retractable crawler

The latest machines have single-layer rope winding in the main winch. This helps in increasing the rope life. The model is equipped with a dedicated chassis of extraordinary stability. The chassis adopts a heavy-duty hydraulic retractable crawler to provide transport convenience and excellent travelling performance The noise-proof operator cabin with FOPS function is equipped with an adjustable chair, air conditioner, internal and external lights and windshield wiper (with water injection). It is easy to operate with the help of the console of various instruments and operation handles. It is also provided with a colour LCD. The parallelogram articulation structure actualizes a wider work range. The highly strengthened box-type steel structure design makes the mast highly rigid, therefore the drilling accuracy is improved. A standard centralised lubrication system allows easier maintenance.

SCHWING Stetter India XR150DIII

Piling rig for both hard/soft soil

Modern piling rigs can work in all kinds of soil/hard conditions. They can bore up to 3500mm diameter and up to 135m depth. The piling rigs are being designed and developed retractable undercarriage for piling application. The undercarriage ensures stability. The main and auxiliary winches are installed on the rear of the rotating platform which reduces the tipping load and provides high stability during drilling 360° around the rig. The winches are fitted with patented rollers which reduces the winding layers. Kelly bar can be self-assembled and disassembled. It can be used with various drilling tools. The large cabin adds to operator comfort and longer working with less fatigue. The advanced intelligent control system enhances operational efficiency. The models find application in underground foundations like static pile drivers, dual-purpose drilling rigs, hydraulic crawler drills and tunnel boring machines which can find application across segments of Urban Infrastructure, Metro and Rapid Rail connectivity, Bridges & Flyovers and general construction.


Piling rig for drilling large diameter boreholes

Piling rigs come equipped with a Pull-down Cylinder which exerts its force on the rotary and is principally utilised for drilling large diameter boreholes. The model uses a parallelogram system of articulation. The control system offers aids in monitoring of all working functions, diagnostic of the working systems to ensure the constant monitoring of the status of sensors and components, easy conversion in any drilling arrangement and friendly customization of working functions. These types of piling rigs are used for drilling with augers or buckets, drilling casings directly with rotary and by casing oscillator, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Diaphragm Walls and  Double Head drilling. The crane control system offers a multitude of program and control options for various piling and drilling methods. Service and machine data is also provided on color displays. The operator thus benefits from facilitated handling of the rig. Cruise Control is available for automatic piling and it allows for values such as pull-down speed and rotational speed to be programmed in advance.

Liebherr LRH 100


With the advent of rapid industrialization and modernization in operational processes, digital technologies play a crucial role. The companies are more inclined to offer digitally advanced piling equipment suited to the Indian terrain to the customers to gain a competitive edge in the market. A majority of the foundation’s jobs are now through hydraulic rotary piling methods and huge numbers of piling rigs are being used for several projects across India. Manufacturers are focusing on developing newer models by adding new features that provide customers with more safety and reliability.

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