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Cat Changes Model Names on its Soil Compactors range

Caterpillar is changing the nomenclature of its vibratory soil compactor range to feature weight-based names.

To correlate with the GC models in the compaction product line, all soil compactor models will feature weight-based names derived from the metric tonnage class in which the model competes.

As well, the model series descriptor letter suffix will be removed.

The Caterpillar vibratory soil compactor line includes smooth and padfoot drum designs offering compaction widths ranging from 127 cm to 213 cm.

Durable and reliable, the rollers deliver high compaction performance, speed and gradeability to maximize productivity on a range of soil types and applications. 

The updated vibratory soil compactor models include:

The Cat CS79B becomes the Cat CS20 The Cat CS10 GC, CS11 GC and CP11 GC vibratory soil compactors retain their current nomenclature.

The updated vibratory soil compactor models include the following:

Caterpillar Soil Compactors – Current vs. New Model Names

CategoryCurrent ModelNew Model
SmallCat® CP34Cat CP5
SmallCat CS34Cat CS5
SmallCat CP44BCat CP7
SmallCat CS44BCat CS7
MediumCat CP54BCat CP11
MediumCat CS54BCat CS11
MediumCat CP56BCat CP12
MediumCat CS56BCat CS12
MediumCat CP12 GCCat CP13 GC
MediumCat CS12 GCCat CS13 GC
MediumCat CS66BCat CS13
MediumCat CP68BCat CP14
MediumCat CS68BCat CS14
LargeCat CP74BCat CP16
LargeCat CS74BCat CS16
LargeCat CP76BCat CP17
LargeCat CS76BCat CS17
LargeCat CS78BCat CS19
LargeCat CS79BCat CS20

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