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Ajax SPX 1204 Paver

AJAX is a concreting player renowned for both its engineering expertise as well as product after-sales support network. They are reputed in being truly a world-class leader in providing 360° Concreting Solutions to its customers that makes concrete sense. On the occasion of Excon 2019, Constrofacilitator, had one to one interview with Debasis Bhattacharya, Head – Sales, Marketing & Product Support, AJAX Engineering Pvt Ltd, wherein he shared insights on their new technological advancements in their product, and market overview.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Debasis Bhattacharya
Debasis Bhattacharya, Head – Sales, Marketing & Product Support, AJAX Engineering Pvt Ltd

Discuss the advantages of recently launched Argo 4500 Self Loading Concrete Mixer?

In the current scenario of increasing demand in housing and infrastructure projects, there is a vast need for new technologies to be implemented in construction equipment to make it more sustainable, economical and also to complete the project in a shorter span of time-period.

In this edition of EXCON 2019, we have launched our ARGO ACURA Series, Argo 4500 Self Loading Concrete Mixer which will be the game-changer in the Concreting sector.

This machine is fitted with a Load Cell Weighing System which provides high accuracy while weighing aggregates. The other features include an Electronic Drum Control System for saving fuel and better homogeneity of Concrete, with an increased output quality and better ROI; an Auto-Cleansing system with high-end technology; Bi-directional tyres with puncture-proof solution; and a fleet-tracking and monitoring system through telematics. It is equipped with highly advanced technology and it is a patent product. (Patented in Italy & Patent Pending in India).

Ajax Agro 4500 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

What’s your take on IoT in construction?

Technology has always been the forte of AJAX’s business from its inception and constantly we upgrade the latest technology in all our products. We are committed to embracing digital transformation and constantly re-inventing ourselves thereby evaluating the opportunities and solutions to emerge as a next-gen player in Concreting Equipment Industry.

We have introduced telematics in our machine and  every data starting from fuel consumption to performance of the machine is updated through this system. This technology will help the customer and the OE’s to keep track of the machines and improve the efficiency of the machines to a larger extent.

Mixing concrete is a technical thing, are you guys taking provisions to train the operators in this regard?

AJAX strongly believes that training is essential to conduct safe & efficient practices in the workplace. AJAX offers training programs for customers’ site staff on subjects covering machine operation & maintenance. Classroom and on-site training programs are conducted throughout the year to ensure that the skill levels are continually upgraded.

We are training operators/site technicians through vocational and technical classes. They are being trained on new technologies adopted in the machines, maintenance & troubleshooting of the equipment. Currently, the training is provided at our training facility at Bangalore and we are planning to have Regional training centers to cater training to the operators and site technicians for the respective zones.

Our core motive is to create skilled operators in the market and thereby providing job opportunities to them.

Down three years what you want to achieve more on technology?

AJAX being a concrete solution provider always understands the needs and demands of its customers. With an increasing demand for precast production, AJAX has geared up its products to feed the requirement. AJAX Product portfolio has evolved over a period of time-based on the inputs from customers to cater to their concreting needs.

AJAX having been established as a successful brand in the concreting business is always reinventing itself on every opportunity to give out the best of the best experience to its customers. This is greatly achieved since it is able to gauge the pulse of customers thereby continually improving upon its product quality.

It is always on-the-go even reaching out to the far-stretched remote places ensuring unmatched service & support by differentiating themselves from the other players

What is the uniqueness of the new paver machine?

AJAX Slip Form Paver up to 12 meters paving width is the first indigenously designed paver manufactured in India, with high-quality components, with features at par with any of the pavers offered by global players. This paver offers flexibility to pave varying width from 3.5 to 12 meters. With the increased infrastructure growth and demand, we expect a huge potential in the Concrete Slip Form Paver segment in the coming years.