Volvo Offers New High-Speed Driveline Option For L45H & L50H Wheel Loaders

high-speed driveline
A new high-speed option lets Volvo L45H and L50H wheel loaders travel at speeds of up to 31 mph. (Photo courtesy of Volvo.)

Volvo Construction Equipment has announced a new high-speed driveline option for its 9.7-ton (8.8-metric-ton) L45H and 10.5-ton (9.5-metric-ton) L50H wheel loaders. The L45H and L50H come standard with a top speed of 12 mph (20 km/h), but the new high-speed variants can travel at up to 31 mph (50 km/h).

“These loaders are often used in applications that require travel between jobsites, where the standard-speed transmission may be time-consuming and the alternative of transporting them by truck can be expensive,” says Volvo’s Wheel Loaders Product Manager John Comrie. “The higher travel speed is not only efficient, it also improves productivity in applications like load-and-carry and clearing snow.”

Flexible Options

Besides the standard top speed and the new high-speed option, the Volvo L45H and L50H both have an intermediate driveline option with a 19-mph (30-km/h) top speed. The loaders’ transmission has a drive mode selector with settings for Work, Transport, and Comfort, along with two Eco modes for fuel economy.

Volvo also equips the L45H and L50H with a tractive power selector. Its five settings let the operator adjust to slippery ground conditions, reducing tire wear and wasted fuel. An electronic speed limiter is another option for use with attachments such as sweepers and snow blowers. It governs the loaders’ forward speed while also maintaining traction.

Both Volvo loaders can carry more than 6.5 tons in a straight line and more than 5.7 tons through a full, 40-degree turn. (Photo courtesy of Volvo.)

Loader Specifications

The Volvo L45H wheel loader is a 100-horsepower (75-kilowatt) unit with a straight tipping load of 13,094 pounds (5,940 kilograms). It has a bucket capacity of 1.83 cubic yards (1.4 cubic meters) and can apply up to 15,961 pounds-force (71 kilonewtons) of breakout force. The L45H weighs 19,334 lbs (8,770 kg).

The moderately larger L50H is a 20,994-lb (9,500-kg) loader with a 117-HP (87-kW) power rating. It has a 2.1-cubic yard (1.6-cubic meter) bucket capacity. The L50H’s straight tipping load is 14,462 pounds (6,560 kilograms), and its breakout force is rated at 15,512 pounds-force (69 kilonewtons).

Both of the wheel loaders use Volvo’s TP (Torque Parallel) linkage, which takes elements of the manufacturer’s Z-Bar and Parallel linkage and combines their best attributes. TP linkage increases breakout torque while retaining parallel movement throughout the arms’ range of motion, Volvo says.


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