Schwing Stetter to focus on upgraded technology and data storage cost

Schwing Stetter

Schwing Stetter India, one of the country’s leading concreting equipment manufacturer unveiled 22 new products at the EXCON 2019 in Bengaluru. With this new product line up, Schwing Stetter India aims to position itself as one of the most prominent infrastructure equipment partner in the country and an active participant across all Government projects to be announced.

Constrifacilitator had one to one interaction with Mr. V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India Private Limited, during Excon 2019. He shared insights on the importance of digitization and features of newly launched machines.

Mr. V.G.Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India Private Limited,

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

  • How much importance will IoT have in the coming days, since almost all the equipment has added this feature?

The IoT will definitely bring major drift in the following. Provided there is enough network with upgraded technology and affordable data storage cost 

Major changes can be observed in:

  1. Quality improvement.
  2. Project status visibility.
  3. Increased efficiency.
  4. Safe work area.
  • What is the standout feature of Stetter concrete recycling plant RA6?

Stetter concrete recycling plant RA 6 is the answer for smaller quantities of surplus concrete. In the stationary design, they are assembled similar to the RA 12/20.

  • Compact design.
  • Semicircular feed hoppers with 1.9 m width.
  • Discharge height up to 2 m with optional extension.

Concern for our environment, guidelines from legal authorities and above all, an increased awareness of costs are the main reasons for StetterGmBH to solve the Worldwide efforts of concrete industry’s disposal and recycling problems. Profiting from extensive experience gained with sieve/cyclone separation systems, Stetter had already developed and implemented the concrete recycling plant way back in 1976. Since then, our systems have proved to be unusually reliable, economical and highly wearresistant. Our permanent development efforts have made the Stetter concrete recycling plant, an exceptionally strong product. We now offer Stetter concrete recycling plant in three different sizes – from 6 to a maximum of 20 m3/hr concrete recycling.

The benefits of Stetter concrete recycling plant are as follows.

  • Environmental concern.
  • Satisfying legal authority guidelines. (PCB).
  • Low operational costs, thanks to automatic operation.
  • Short vehicle downtime during cleaning.
  • No waste concrete disposal costs.
  • Recycled aggregates.
  • The machine is quiet and exceptionally resistant to wear.
  • Variable installation possibilities.
  • Low replacement part costs.
  • Fresh aggregates and recycled sand & water.
  • Minimum payback period of capital investments from RA6, RA12 & RA20.
  • According to site limited space condition, recycling plant can be positioned.
  • Protection against overflow and automatic drum feed cut off.
  • Water conservation, due to closed water circulation during washing operation.
  • How is the demand for your concrete batching plant equipment amidst this inflation?

Concrete batching plant demand shrunk in 2019 as in the case of other construction machineries when compared to 2018. However, self-loading concrete mixer which are in a way concrete producing machines did very well indicating the customer’s preference of using batching plants with mobility within the site.

  • What’s your take on the smart intelligence theme of Excon?

It is very timely for Excon 2019 to showcase smart intelligent theme. Customers would like to know more about machine position, availability,fuel consumption, operating parameters, etc in multiple locations. IoT and smart intelligence gives customer, an opportunity to monitor the machine on using various operational parameters using one’s mobile phone. This gives tremendous control and knowledge of both the operation even if the stakeholders are located in another location.

SchwingStetter India showcased Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at the indoor stall in hall 4, AI20 such as SchwingIoT In, SchwingIoT Ready, SchwingIoT abled, Schwing dashboard for batching plants, SchwingStetter India gateway device, hitech weighing system, Schwingsmartrack and Stetter concrete transit mixer with mobile app. These solutions are in line with the theme of Excon 2019 being intelligent, interconnected, innovation, infrastructure and internet. To describe on one such solution, Schwing dashboard for batching plants advantages are as below.

  1. Real – time data on batching plant operation.
  2. Get total volume of concrete produced over specified period of time.
  3. Plant performance comparison based on plant type (per year / per month / per day).
  4. Data can be viewed anytime from anywhere with the help of any mobile phone, laptop or PC.
  5. Machine efficiency monitoring.
  6. Proactive maintenance / maintenance scheduling.
  7. Critical alarms and occurrences can be viewed.
  8. Batching plant reports can be generated in real – time (for current & previous batches).
  9. Graphical representation on plant statistics.

SchwingIoT abled and SchwingIoT In features are as below.

SchwingIoT Abled

SchwingIoT abled helps to monitor machine parameters like

  • Engine running hours and coolant temperature.
  • Lube oil pressure.
  • Maintenance scheduling.
  • Fuel monitoring.
  • Battery voltage.
  • Critical alarms.
  • Pump running hours.
  • Hydraulic oil pressure and temperature.
  • Number of strokes.
  • Concrete pumped.

SchwingIot In

The equipment can be connected through a gateway device entirely and the complete operation can be monitored online using a dashboard. The advantages of havingSchwingIoT In are as below.

  • Reduced downtime.
  • Proactive maintenance.
  • Data storage with traceability for analytics.
  • Machine efficiency monitoring.
  • Live machine tracking.