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Repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures with RELinforce™ EP Putty

Concrete is a porous material that can develop cracks, chips, or holes over time due to various factors such as weathering, impact, or structural stress. In such cases, Epoxy putty provides an effective solution for repairing and restoring damaged concrete surfaces. Epoxy putty is a type of adhesive material that consists of two components: a resin and a hardener. When these two components are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs, causing the putty to harden and create a strong, durable bond. RELinforce™ EP Putty is one such product used for a variety of repair and bonding applications. It is a two-component solvent-free thixotropic epoxy putty used for levelling concrete & metal surfaces with superior bonding characteristics. RELinforce™ EP Putty is manufactured by Reliance Composite and is used for the repair and rehabilitation of jetties, ports, bridges etc.

Advantages of RELinforce™ EP Putty

  • Strong Bond: Creates a durable bond with concrete and mild steel surfaces and has an excellent adhesion properties which allow it to effectively bond with the existing surface..
  • Versatility: This product is used for a wide range of concrete repair applications such as  filling cracks, chips, and holes of various sizes and shapes. It can also be used to rebuild and reshape damaged concrete surfaces.
  •  Quick and Easy Application: The putty is usually supplied in a ready-to-use form, requiring minimal preparation.
  • Thixotropic properties:The thixotropic properties of the epoxy putty help it adhere well to vertical or overhead surfaces, enhancing its bonding capabilities.
  • Water Resistance: Once cured, epoxy putty forms a waterproof barrier. This property is especially beneficial for concrete repairs in areas exposed to water and  to prevent moisture penetration.
  • Durability: Epoxy putty is known for its durability and long-lasting performance. It can withstand heavy loads, impact, and abrasions.

Applications of RELinforce™ EP Putty

  • Filling pin holes & pores appearing on concrete surfaces before subsequent resin application
  • Repairing surface defects of concrete in horizontal, vertical & overhead Applications
  • Structural bonding for carbon fiber rods
  • Installation of injection ports for resin injection
  • General purpose adhesive for concrete, hard natural stone, ceramics, fiber cement, mortar, bricks, blocks, masonry, steel, iron, aluminum and wood
  • Levelling layer on the metal surface before application of RELINFORCE Fabric System for retrofitting

When properly applied, RELinforce™ EP Putty forms a strong bond with the existing concrete surface. This bond ensures that the repaired area remains secure and durable, withstanding daily use, loads, and environmental stresses.

About Relinforce Composite solution

RELinforce™ EP Putty is manufactured and supplied under Reliance India’s Composites Solution Division. Reliance Industries Limited is India’s largest private and one of the most profitable private sector companies and the first Indian Fortune 500 company. The company composite division’s product range includes Epoxy Putty, Carbon fiber laminates, Carbon fiber anchor, Carbon Fabric for FRP Structural Strengthening, Carbon fiber Grid, Epoxy Injection Grout etc. used for structural strengthening, repair and rehabilitation.

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