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PRONIL PROFLEX range for sealing construction & waterproofing expansion joints

Concrete buildings and structures are often susceptible to water ingress. The water can enter through leaks, cracks, gaps etc leading to damage and deterioration. Waterproofing tapes are effective in stopping water ingress. The waterproofing tapes create a tight seal that blocks water from penetrating joints, seams, or gaps in surfaces. The adhesive properties of the tape, combined with its waterproof material, help to create a barrier against water intrusion. Waterproofing tapes also protect surfaces and materials from moisture damage. Moisture can lead to rot, decay, mold growth, corrosion, and structural deterioration. By effectively sealing off potential entry points for water ingress, these tapes help maintain the integrity and longevity of the protected areas. Waterproofing tape is available in different widths, lengths, and thicknesses to suit various applications. It is important to choose a tape that is appropriate for the intended use and compatible with the surface or material where it will be applied. In this regard, PRONIL PROFLEX is the go-to product. It is waterproofing flexible sealing tape with non-woven fabric and polyester polymer fabric.

Advantages of PRONIL PROFLEX

It is a thin flexible sealing tape with an extra-tough elastic strip providing considerable longitudinal and lateral extension. It is non-hazardous for users, provides long-term resistance against bacterization, and has strong adhesion to the surface of various materials.It is ideal for sealing and waterproofing expansion joints that are subjected to irregular and high movements.  Its advantages include;

  • Thin and extra-tough elastic strip with considerable longitudinal and lateral extension
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, UV radiation and chemically stable
  • Stable chemical properties with excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Waterproof treatment of roof waterproofing, underground waterproofing, structural construction joints and lap joint sealing of polymer waterproofing membranes of buildings
  • Can accommodate movements in the expansion joints and construction joints of the structure

PRONIL PROFLEX fabric types

PRONIL PROFLEX fabric types

The product comes with two types of fabric options.

Non-woven fabrics

Non-woven fabrics are typically coated or treated with water-repellent substances to enhance their ability to resist water penetration. Non-woven fabrics are flexible and can conform to irregular surfaces and contours. This flexibility allows the tape to be easily applied and adhere to various materials creating an effective barrier against water. Non-woven fabrics can resist UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, and chemicals. This ensures that the waterproof sealing tape remains effective and stable in various environmental conditions.

Polyester fabrics

Polyester fabrics can withstand the rigors of sealing applications and provide a long-lasting and reliable barrier against water. Polyester fabric is flexible and can easily conform to different surfaces and shapes. This flexibility allows the tape to be applied smoothly and adhere securely, even on irregular surfaces or joints. Polyester fabric has good resistance to many chemicals, making it suitable for applications where exposure to various substances is a concern. This resistance ensures that the fabric remains intact and effective in the presence of potentially corrosive or reactive materials.

PRONIL PROFLEX applications

Waterproofing flexible Joint sealing tape with non-woven or polyester polymer fabric can be used in multiple applications such as Expansion Joints, Balcony, Sunken Slab, Kitchen, Terrace, Wet rooms, Wall Joints, Tunnels etc.

PRONIL PROFLEX applications
PRONIL PROFLEX applications

Different material types are available for different applications and conditions so the specifier must choose waterproofing tapes, preferably with manufacturer consultation, appropriate for all the joint conditions. PRONIL specialises in manufacturing waterproofing flexible sealing tape with non-woven fabric or polyester polymer fabrication tapes.

About PRONIL Construction Chemicals

PRONIL Manufacture a wide range of Expansion Joint tapes and Waterproofing flexible Joint sealing tapes. The company also manufactures high-performance Acrylic Swellable Bars and Bentonite Hydrophilic Waterstops. From foundation protection to construction joints, the  company has a solution for every waterproofing challenge. The company’s diverse product portfolio ensures that you can find the ideal tape for your project requirements.

To know more about the company’s waterproofing tape and to explore other product range, visit:- or contact – +91 9489058644


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