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Home Gardening Guide: Top Rooftop Garden Tips And Tricks To Make Your Garden Look Stand Out

Gardening is one of the healthiest and most relaxing hobbies one could ever have. Garden maintenance is especially worthy of your time. But as true as that is, it’s also equally right to say that gardening is not easy. Take space, for example, most people struggle to find enough space to start gardening. Many prefer to do it in their backyard since the front lawn is certainly not an option. Here is where rooftop gardening comes in handy. You could easily create a spacious and amazing garden right on your roof and enjoy garnering it over time. Yes, it is an activity that would take hours, months, as well as years. So, how do you get yourself a great rooftop garden? Let’s dive into it.

Here Are Some Tips And Tricks For Rooftop Gardening

  • Use Plastic Bottle Cutouts For A Neat And Creative Look

All you would need is a wall that directly faces the sun. Now, you could use really strong tape or mount some nails into the wall. The next would be cutting used plastic bottles in half and attaching strings or threads to hang them by the nails. Now, get some fresh and ideal soil and start growing some plants in these tiny bottles. This not only creates space for other plants on your floor but also gives your whole garden a unique and creative look that no one else may have! Now you could go on and have some artificial grass installation done in Sydney to enhance the look furthermore.

  • Use A Hanging Pot Stand To Keep Air Plants

Air plants are the most adorable and beautiful species of plants there ever was. However, they do not like roots and need a bit of special care to keep them alive. As such, you would need to have a special stand to put them on so that they feel comfortable. So, what could be better than making your own pot stand by using old hangers and strings? You could easily make them look like an attractive hanging plant stand! All you would need is a few hangers of different sizes, twine or some strong string and there you have a perfect place for your air plants to thrive! This arrangement like the one before is easy to manage. Residential garden management has never been easier!

  • Use A Flower Pot Stand To Implement Landscape Pergolas

The next thing you would need is a wooden flower pot stand that is tall enough to keep things in balance. This can be achieved by using an extra-large square and then cutting it into 8 circles. Each of these pots will have 4 holes on the bottom. Now, place some trays filled with soil and set your small flowerpots onto this stand, placing them evenly on each hole. You could prolong it by adding a few more trays here and there. Also, it is good to add some rocks to the pots for stability in case of shifting during wet weather conditions. We also suggest that garden maintenance in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs be done with care keeping in mind the rainy seasons.

  • Use A Hanging Terrarium To Grow Plants

Now, you could go ahead and use old glass jars or heavy plastic bottles to create a hanging terrarium. You may need some twine to hang it with. Basically, you would need to cut and leave some space at the top of the jar and then fill it with the earth around the neck of the jar. This is where the plants can grow because there is enough air for them to breathe! Give their roots an ample amount of room before placing them in your garden. 

  • Use A Terrarium To Grow Mini Cactus Plants

Cactus plants are beautiful and well-cared for, so it is worth growing them in your garden. You could easily do this by using old glass jars with drainage holes at the bottom. Then fill them with soil and leave the perfect amount of space for the roots to grow. Once they are settled and you’re satisfied, place them in different spots inside your garden. This will also allow you to pick cactus leaves whenever you choose to! Next step? If you haven’t already, decide if you want to have artificial grass installation done in Sydney.


These are some easy ways to create your own rooftop garden at home. You will certainly need a bit of effort and dedication, especially with residential garden maintenance. But it is a well-invested time for the end result is something that you can show off!

If you’re looking for someone to maintain your garden, give us a call or fill out a quick online enquiry form here. Our friendly staff will help you with all of your gardening queries!


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