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Floor surface preparation equipments & tools – Trelawny India

Adam Dickinson, Managing Director, Trelawny

Floor surface preparation is the most important step for new floor installation and floor repair. Without proper floor surface preparation, many problems can arise once you install your new flooring system. The selection of the right surface preparation equipment therefore is very important. Trelawny SPT Ltd. India is one of the leading manufacturers of floor surface preparation equipment and pneumatic tools based in Pune, Maharashtra. Manufactured with superior materials and powered by reliable components, their equipments and tools are designed for the most demanding conditions. The company’s equipment and tool applications include floor grinding, scabbling, levelling, texturing & cleaning. Their products have been tried and tested around the world on Metro Stations, Stadia, Airports and Bridges etc.

In BC India 2023, Constrofacilitator had a one-to-one conversation with Adam Dickinson, Managing Director, Trelawny. He has got a strong background in the leadership of creative product design & development, marketing, manufacture, distribution and sales into a broad variety of markets from construction and marine markets. During the conversation he shared his insights on the surface preparation market in India, products being showcased, Trelawny technology and much more.

Excerpts given below.

Kindly share an overview of all the products inhibited in BC India 2023

We are a 60 years old company, supplying surface preparation equipment across the globe. We are exhibiting surface preparation equipment’s and pneumatic tools in BC India 2023. For floor surface preparation we are showcasing a range of floor machines including Floor scarifiers, Floor Grinders and polishers, Floor Scabblers and Dust control machines. These are versatile machines used in different applications such as warehouses, retail centres, stadiums, metros etc. Different accessories and heads are also available with the equipment including a built-in dust collector and a compact design. We are also showcasing a range of pneumatic hand tools used for making rough surfaces smooth and vice versa.

Trelawny MHS 11

How has the demand been for Trelawny floor grinding and polishing machines in India?

The demand has increased significantly. There has been a growing demand for polished concrete floors in India. Customers are looking for professionally executed durable and aesthetic floors, thereby creating a huge scope for Trelawny floor grinding and polishing machines. All our machines are suitable for medium to large jobs. The products can be used for leveling and smoothing of concrete, removal of coatings and adhesives, preparation for new coatings and polishing of concrete floors. We are focused on providing low-level requirements for training for our machines and technology as per global standards.

Trelawny TCG250

What are the unique attributes of the Trelawny Tool & Vacuum System (TVS®)?

When you chisel or scrabble concrete, huge amounts of dust get extracted, and a dust control system becomes a necessity in these types of works. Keeping the safety and health aspect in mind we provide a wide array of dust control machines with vacuum extraction. Trelawny Tool & Vacuum System (TVS®) forms a high-performance, safety-focused system for removing hazardous coatings. They can be used with Needle Scalers, Scaling Hammers Hand Scabblers, Peening Preparation Tool, Floor Scabblers and Deck Scalers. TVS® shroud kits are also retrofittable to any of our tools. We are showcasing the Trelawny A45 dust collector in the exhibition. It comes fitted with 3 motors, producing a total of 3.5Kw, It is the ideal machine for a wide range of Trelawny’s surface preparation equipment along with many other general cleaning applications. A45 offers fantastic performance and capacity in a compact and portable unit.

Trelawny A45 Dust Collector

What products are foreseen to have the most demand in the exhibition?

Surprisingly there have been lots of queries about the power tools. Our power tools are pneumatic by nature. These tools are suitable for light, medium and heavy-duty applications. Our tools are certified to be used for 8 hours with no negative impact on the body. The low-vibration technology of these tools has been an area of interest for visitors. There is a need for more awareness regarding hand tools and we have commenced on that journey.

Pneumatic Power Tools

What is the market potential of surface preparation technology in India?

The market potential of India is huge as identified by us. In the background of infrastructure investment, there is huge potential across sectors in India. That’s why we decided to put on our team in the country and aim to identify the right distributors to work with.


How has the response been in BC India 2023?

On the initial days of the exhibition we met professional specifiers, simultaneously it got busier with professionals from a wide array of industries coming and querying about our products. We have sold several Pneumatic Handheld tools, one Floor Grinder and polisher and one Dust collector machine.

Trelawny Scarifier – Floor Planer

What’s the way forward for Trelawny in 2023?

We aim to satisfy the customer requirements of the Indian market. We need to be close to our customers and analyse their needs for projects. We are also going to focus on increasing awareness about surface preparation technology in the market with our collective approach. We aim to balance our product offering for small, medium to large jobs across states in India.


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