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Trendy Wall Tile Color Combinations & Designs for Modern Homes

The newer generations are more concerned about the overall look and feel of their houses than ever before. The tiles used in your house greatly influence its overall appearance and vibe. Therefore, it is important to put a good amount of effort into choosing the right tiles for your home. Gone are the days when tiles were just used for flooring. 

Wall tiles have become equally popular as floor tiles these days. By choosing the right wall tiles for your home, you can achieve your desired look with minimal effort. Let us discuss some of the best wall tile color combinations and designs to give your house a modern appearance:

1. Dark Wooden Color Tiles With Light Neutral Shades

A combination of dark wooden look floor tiles along with neutral-colored floor tiles can give a timeless elegance to your space. You can choose shades like off-white, soft white, beige, cream, etc, for wall tiles, while choosing matt finish tiles in a dark wooden look for the floor. These contrasting tiles perfectly add a touch of modern style to your home. 

You can even use both these colors for the walls of a single room. For example, if you are looking for a perfect color combination for your kitchen wall tiles, you can go for wood-look wall tiles for the main backsplash wall while installing plain subway or minimal tiles on other walls. 

Johnson’s collection of 30×60 cm and 30×45 cm wall tiles contains plenty of wood-look wall tile designs like the ‘MEDO WOOD DK’ tile in glossy finish[1] and more. If you are looking for larger sizes, the ‘EDISS WOOD’ and ‘GINZBURG BROWN’ designs from their 60×120 cm wall tile collection[2] are great options. You can even find plenty of options in light neutral shades in Johnson’s collection. 

2. Colorful Artistic Pattern Tiles with Plain Wall Tiles

Another way to give your space a visually appealing look is by combining plain subway tiles with colorful artistic pattern wall tiles. While you install plain tiles throughout the walls of your space, you can create a focal point by installing colorful wall tiles with intricate artistic patterns. 

For example, if your living room has plain painted walls, you can install colorful artistic tiles in the main accent wall to make it the focal point of your room. Johnson’s Elegant Collection of 80×160 cm floor and wall tiles contains some of the finest options for artistic living room or bedroom wall tiles. You can even install them in kitchen or bathroom backsplashes. From minimal marble-look tiles in lighter shades to dark and bold patterns, you can find plenty of options in this collection. 

Similarly for the bathroom, you can combine plain white-colored subway tiles with colorful floral patterns. While the entire bathroom has plain white tiles, you can install colorful wall tiles behind the bathtub to make it the focal point of your bath space. Johnson’s ‘SIMONY HL’ 30×45 cm wall tile along with the matching plain tiles ‘SIMONY WHITE’ and ‘SIMONY GREY[5] will make a perfect combination. You can find various similar options in their wall tiles collection.

3. Wall Tiles in Blue and White Color

The combination of blue and white color has always been used in interior design. This combination is perfect for bathrooms as it gives a calm and relaxing feel to your space. To give your bathroom a stylish look by incorporating the perfect color combination, you can consider combining the hues of white and blue. You can either go for a mosaic pattern or choose designer wall tiles in these two colors for your bath space. 

For this, you can consider the ‘BRITTNY LT’ and ‘BRITTNY DK’ 30×60 cm glossy finish ceramic wall tiles[3] from H&R Johnson. Another tile combination to consider in this category includes the ‘FLORITO LT,’ ‘FLORITO HL,’ and ‘FLORITO DK’ wall tiles from Johnson. Apart from this, you can check out their heritage collection of wall tiles if you are looking to create a mosaic pattern using plain blue and white colored wall tiles. 

4. Running Beige Wall Tiles

A running beige pattern combines different hues of beige. If you are looking for a wall tile color combination that gives a minimal yet modern look to your space, you can consider combining different shades of brown and beige colored wall tiles. You can also combine plain beige wall tiles with slightly patterned tiles to achieve a more visually appealing look.

The ‘JAMISON BEIGE’ and ‘JAMISON BEIGE HL’ 30×60 cm matt finish wall tiles[4] will make the perfect combination in this category. You can also combine more tiles of similar shades to achieve a running beige wall tile pattern.

5. Black and White Wall Tiles

Black and white colors still top the list of the best color combinations to consider when choosing wall tiles for your house. You can give a classy and modern appearance to your space by combining black and white colored wall tiles. While the white color adds a sense of calmness to your space, the black color gives a bold appearance. A combination of these two can help you achieve the perfect balance between minimalism and modern style. 

You can choose plain black and white colored square tiles from Johnson’s Heritage collection. If you prefer the classic black and white checkerboard pattern, you can also consider going with the ‘WADDON HL’ 30×60 cm matt finish ceramic wall tile design from their collection. 

Summing Up

Although it is essential to choose the right design and pattern of wall tiles for your house, the durability and quality of tiles should not be overlooked. Therefore, it is advisable to choose wall tiles from a reputed brand like H&R Johnson. There are numerous brands offering designer wall tiles in the market, but not every brand offers the same quality. Just do your own research and make a wise decision after comparing all the essential factors. 

While the right color combination and design can immediately enhance the look of your space, the wrong combination can also ruin it. Therefore, it is important to choose the color palette that suits your home’s style and overall decor.


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