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New Generation Admixture based on modified polycarboxylic ether

FAIRMATE manufactures a complete range of construction chemicals providing total cost-effective solutions and World Class Services to the Speciality Construction Chemical Industry by using their expertise and strategic alliances with leading partners. Their product range consists of a variety of chloride-free and chloride-based concrete admixtures for increasing the workability of concrete which includes Normal plasticizers, Superplasticizers, Retarders, Slump retainers and Accelerators etc. It also includes Fourth generation concrete Admixtures which ensure very high slump retention and early strength. It also includes mineral admixtures like Micro silica, Fly Ash Admixtures for plasters for better consistency. They also manufacture New Generation Admixture based on modified polycarboxylic ether as well as Cellulose fiber, Polypropylene fibre & Steel fibre.

Fairmate’s BROCRETE C 800 and BROCRETE S 888 {High Range Water Reducer Slump Retainer} are two of the preferred new generation polycarboxylic ether admixtures. These products have been primarily developed for applications in high-performance concrete where the highest durability and performance are required.

 BROCRETE C 800 and BROCRETE S 888 Advantages

  • Reduced thermal peaks
  • Improved workability: Easier quicker in placing and compaction
  •  Reduced segregation: Increase cohesion minimizes segregation and bleeding
  •  Improved surface finish
  •  Resistance to segregation even at high workability
  • Extended setting with longer workability
  • Reduced permeability and improved durability


BROCRETE C 800Ideal with Lower and higher grade of concrete mix in prestressed and precast work, pavement concrete, exposed slab concrete, mass concrete pours. It is used to produce high workability concrete repairing little or no vibration during placing. It can be used for all types of cements.

BROCRETE S 888 – It can be used with all types of Portland Cements. Ideal for longer workability in crusher sand condition. It can be used in ready-mix concrete and can be used for obtaining high workability without affecting concrete properties.

Packing and Dosage

BROCRETE C 800 and BROCRETE S 888 are supplied in 50, 100, 200, 225 kg carboys, and in bulk quantity on request. The normal dosage is about 0.6%-1.5% by weight of cementitious material. However, the optimum dosage is to be determined by site trials.

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