Friday, February 3, 2023
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High-rise 44-storey building construction approved

The tallest building in the city is now 501 feet. Sumadhura Group is ready to break the record. GHMC has approved the 44-storey building at Nanakaram Guda in Hyderabad to Sumadhura Group. This building will be the tallest building in the city. The building will be built on 5.5 acres of land on the lines of twin towers, and a total of 846 flats will be built, Sumadura group representatives said.

GHMC is considering applications for the construction of height above the new building. The GHMC has not yet accepted the two applications for the construction of a 55-storey building at Puppalguda near Narsinghi. The authorities are reviewing the matter. Till February 6 this year, a total of 10 applications were received for the construction of tallbuildings in the city, of which 8 applications were approved by THE MCC officials. The Sumadura Group building is the tallest of them.


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