Competitive costing with improved quality, at an international standard


With the massive developments in the construction and construction material industry in India, demand for building materials has witnessed an upsurge. In addition to building materials like timber and steel, the demand for sustainable and environment-friendly products such as aluminium formwork and used materials has also risen, according to reports. There is a need to meet the growing demands for building and industrial material manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. Formwork system is one of those systems which inhibits economical structure with less time needed to complete a project.

The determining factor in the growth of the formwork market is the strong demand for the construction sector. The industry is growing at a very fast pace and it is estimated that the current cement production will become double in the near future. According to, overall formwork market size is estimated to reach around USD 6.12 billion by 2024 from 5.21 Billion in 2017 registering a healthy CAGR. This growth is taking place because construction companies are paying high attention to labor and severe time-saving methodologies. Spending or investing in infrastructure and real estate developments are one of the most potential growth opportunities towards the formwork market.


With the current thrust of the government on construction and infrastructural development, the building material industry is booming opportunities. However, time and cost constraints remain a challenge. Another nagging concern is the requirement of trained professionals in the field. Increasing demand in the wake of ongoing and future projects, formwork manufacturers are keeping pace with the construction industry.

Further, project requirements have changed at last, wherein they have started accepting innovated products, which reduce human effort providing better quality.

Traditionally, timber and plywood are used for formwork fabrication for the construction of concrete structures. However, it needs many skilled and unskilled workers besides being very time-consuming. In today’s competitive market, speed and efficiency are of primary importance. Hence, more demand in the market, for Aluminium formwork, as many builders prefer this system to the conventional ones, for its speed, high repetition, cost, avoidance of plastering and 25% regeneration of scrap value from the invested amount.


Ihita aluminium formwork system offers competitive costing with improved quality, at an international standard. Using this system formwork, the overhead cost is lesser, thus posing a great advantage for builders. On a long-term, 2/3rd construction time is reduced.  With a  guaranteed and proven minimum of 200 cycle times Monolithic Casting Aluminium Panel Formwork reduces break-even time and provides a superior wall finish, thereby saving a lot of finishing time and plastering material.

Ihita engineering Services Pvt Ltd is an esteemed global firm, based in Chennai, India, specializing in Aluminium Formwork Design, Manufacturing and Installation. Standing As the fastest growing aluminium formwork supplier, Ihita has undergone several projects in India, South America, Australia, France, Singapore and Sri Lanka, including prestigious clients like NCC Ltd, Godrej Properties Ltd, Vascon engineers Ltd, Samridhi Realty, Aliens Developers, SPCL, Casagrande Group, Panchsheel Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.

Sustained in the market for almost a decade, Ihita system comprises of Column Box Formwork, Lift and Core Wall Formwork System, Staircase Formwork and Complete System Formwork. The Assembly of panels are designed for reduced labour time, easy installation and no requirements for trained professionals.


Ihita has a large production facility for Aluminium Formworks System that extends more than 25000 sq.ft. of area. Ihita’sfactory at Madurai, has a capacity of 30,000sqm per month, and the vendor factories at Vijayawada and Bangalore has that of 20,000 sqm per month. Put together, this sums up to 50,000 sqm capacity per month.

To assure the quality of our products, the raw materials are tested in a third-party laboratory accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories). Each material is checked by Q/C (Quality Checker) team, before its dispatch.

Ihita is equipped with imported quality machines for increasing quality and production speed.


Ihita coordinates and supports client engineers, in terms of site training, so as to obtain a satisfactory project. Value-added services are provided at the sites – Ihita provides site engineer and supervisor at no cost, for 2 complete cycles.

Apart from the quantity required, 15% of accessories are supplied. Further, Ihita is capable and flexible to accommodate any changes in its products and also incorporate any changes in the structure, post supply.

It is not just the price which matters today but a combination of quality, timely-delivery, consistently performing products, and most importantly, a complementing product for an overall project. With ingenious Design team, experienced and enthusiastic site Engineers and site supervisors, Ihita Aluminium Formworks is now on the path of growth, emerging globally in the Building Materials market. Thus, they are highly competent to cater to the demand of clients in the global market.

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