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Advantages and types of Automatic Doors

An automatic door opens automatically using an in-built sensor system. The sensor controls the opening and closes the door automatically upon receipt of a momentary actuating signal.

The sensors are placed on the top and sides of the door frame. When these optic or motion sensors sense motion nearby, they trigger the automatic doors to open and then close. Automatic doors come with varying ways of customization. These doors are designed and factory-made using state-of-the-art and technology for frequent use with high opening speeds.

The easy accessibility and safety are two of the important factors leading to its demand. The high opening speed reduces time taken in movement of material, thus hastening the logistics process. Many manufacturing industries nowadays need a controlled environment in which you maintain a hygienic environment in the manufacturing premises. Automated doors have become an integral part of different industries. A wide range of automated doors are available for various operations, including areas with special requirements for temperature control, hygiene, storage and handling of frozen foods etc. Companies are focusing on leveraging advanced technologies to offer high-quality products to meet the evolving demands of the end-users.

Components of automatic doors

  • Main automated controller switch
  • Maintenance switch
  • Activation / Support sensor
  • Fanlight
  • Sliding door panel
  • Fixed door panel
  • Lock system

The sensor system of automatic doors

A wide variety of sensors may be found in automated doors, and each kind of sensor serves a specific function that is best suited to that sensor. Different types of automatic door sensors include:

  • Radar Movement Sensors- detect when someone or something is near the door. It can also sense what direction they are coming from
  • Pressure Sensors – detecting the weight of an object or person, they will send a signal to the automatic doors, causing them to open.
  • Optical Sensors or Motion Detectors -installed at either the tops of the sides of the doors and can detect the motion of someone or something moving will trigger the doors to open.
  • Passive Infrared Movement Sensors -uses infrared technology to remember the image of the surroundings..
  • Active Infrared Sensors – equipped with receiver chips and a transmitter, which can detect, using infrared technology an object or a person.

The advantages of automatic doors

Automatic doors can make your life a lot easier, more comfortable and more convenient as well. Since automatic doors can be opened without the use of hands, they offer convenience to everyone even with baggage in both hands or carrying a cart. Automatic doors effectively contribute to energy saving and reduce annual heating and cooling costs. Its advantages includes;

  • High; level of safety
  • Various forms of door edge are equipped with high-strength durable seal strips
  • The operator track rail of on-wall type is directly mounted onto the wall, easy and fast for installation
  • Automatic doors with an air-tight function can also prevent the entry of dust and dirt by increasing the air pressure of the room
  •  Prevent air-conditioning from escaping and outside air and dust from entering
  • These doors can adopt high-quality hardware
  • Operating quietly and fast, the sound insulation effect is good
  • Excellent for easy access, and for people with disabilities, as you don’t need to push or pull the door, or press a button
  • With an automated door, no one has to touch shared surfaces like door handles. This helps prevent the spread of germs
  • Can be integrated with other technologies for emergency and security purpose

Types of automatic doors 

The latest high-performance industrial doors are designed to be able to withstand equipment impact and come with features such as automatic breakaway in case of any accidental hit by a vehicle.

Given below are different types of automatic doors used across industrial and commercial applications.

Roller Shutter doors

A roller shutter consists of an array of horizontal slats or bars that are hinged together and can operate in a vertical plane within a frame. Operation is automatically operated that can be controlled using the remote control, photocell, induction loop or motion sensor triggered access. Roller Shutter Doors are often used for access to warehouses or business units where security, protection from the environment and ease of access is required.

Sectional overhead doors

The key feature of these doors is that it is made using composite materials, which gives them high opening speeds. Operated by powerful motors, a guiding system allows for the smooth operation of high-performance industrial doors. In many instances, these doors are also designed for easy docking of vehicles. The sectional overhead industrial doors are also usually designed to achieve sound insulation.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors, both the horizontal and the top hung types are also popular these days. Depending on the type of industry they are used they can be designed in different forms. In several industries, telescopic sliding doors with several panels are also becoming popular choices. Automatic Swinging Doors are usually directional and used for one-way traffic, either in or out. Automatic swinging doors can be single, pair, or double doors.

Automated swing doors

These are made of a special material that helps keep the interior either cool or heated to a certain limit. They are usually the choice when it comes to indoor applications in warehouse industries.

PVC Strip Curtains or Crash Doors

These Crash doors are purpose-built for providing ease of access to fork lift trucks, trollies, vehicles or personnel through the controlled access point without the need for stopping and opening/closing the doors either manually or via some sort of switch.

Swing doors

Swing doors are designed for high-traffic retail applications. All doors are high impact, lightweight and easy to clean. Their strong, hard-wearing and long-lasting construction require minimum maintenance. The smooth, non-porous gel coat finish makes them easy to clean and resistant to water and cleaning chemicals. These Doors come fitted with polypropylene bumpers to guard against aggressive traffic and prevent damage to the door face.

High-Speed doors

High-Speed Doors are designed to save energy and create better working conditions where fast action is required. The door’s smooth rapid action, counterbalanced system, strong durable door panel and full-width vision panel make them ideal for industrial environments. The vertical guides of these doors incorporate seals to prevent draughts and the ingress of dust, insects, and vermin. The door can also be manually opened in case of an emergency.

Automatic Revolving doors and Manual Revolving doors (rotating doors)

These are used in high-traffic areas and provide pedestrians the ability to enter and exit simultaneously. They allow a large number of people to pass in and out at the same time. Revolving doors are energy efficient. The doors can have two wings, three wings, and four wings that are usually made of glass.

Automatic Folding doors

These are usually installed when space is a consideration. Automatic folding doors can be single-fold or bi fold doors, and pedestrians can move in either direction through the same opening.

Fast Action doors

The fast action or dynamic door is a rapid roll door with an opening speed that can be defined to your requirements. This means that this type of door is perfect for high-traffic areas opening quickly giving you smooth traffic management. The door is low maintenance and cost-effective, with the curtain on these doors can also be made to re-seal if hit by traffic, which dispenses with the costly call out of engineers and keeps your operation active.

Scissor Gates doors

Scissor gates doors operate in a completely different manner than overhead, fire-rated, or roll-up doors. Using a unique design, scissor gate doors move from left to right (or vice versa) like a sliding door and lock like a normal door once closed. They are constructed from high-quality impenetrable steel to give you ultimate protection. If used for an outside entryway scissor gate doors work well. For any inside walkway, however, they act best as reinforcement for a standard garage door.

Bug screen doors

Bug screen doors use a fine mesh material to keep insects, birds, and other pests out of a warehouse while letting fresh air in. These types of doors are often desirable for facilities where airflow is a major concern. When placed at different ends of the facility, screen doors can allow for a cross breeze that helps make the distribution center cooler – reducing money spent on climate control while making the workplace more comfortable.

Roll up doors

Roll up doors are typically made of aluminium or steel and consist of many small sections – kind of similar to a sectional door but with narrower joints. It is widely used in warehouses, factories, and airport hangars. The speed of the roll up could be adjusted to adapt to various facilities. An appealing feature of roll-up doors is that long term, they require low maintenance and are easily replaceable. With a variety of locks for securing, roll-up doors offer a safety feature against circumstances outside your control.

Automatic Telescoping Doors

Automatic telescoping doors are used in areas where space is at a premium, as they easily fit into smaller entryways. It consists of a series of small panels that slide and stack upon each other to deliver a wide clearance space.


The rising emphasis on quality and safety is the main reason for the growth in demand for specialized automatic doors. From doors that could keep products under certain temperatures to fire-resistant ones to doors that could open and close in a quick time, there are several types available in the market today. The selection should be made on the need that caters to your project requirement.


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