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The Ultimate Guide to Roof Bedding & Pointing 2022

A strong roof is necessary for the overall health of your property. If you own an older property, the roof pointing may still be done with cement mortar. Roof tiles can become loose or shift as the cement cracks or breaks.

Bedding and pointing are critical steps in the roof restoration process. While bedding and pointing are both key components of the roof repair process, they have different meanings. If you plan to restore your roof, it is important to comprehend the roof bedding and pointing procedure from the beginning. 

Bedding and pointing are two of the most vital elements in any roof restoration project, so don’t skimp on them! Roof Restoration has made the procedure of roof bedding and pointing as simple as possible for you.

What is bedding?

The setting of the mortar that lays beneath V-shaped roof tiles is referred to as bedding. It is the first foundational layer that holds the ridge caps and roof tiles in place. The roof tiles will not be tightly fixed and retained in place if there is no bedding.

What are the benefits of roof bedding?

  • For years to come, the bedding will maintain the building waterproof and weatherproof. Bedding can also help avoid water damage that, if left untreated, could seep into your attic or ceilings.
  • Limits mold penetration caused by water damage.
  • Limits the deterioration of wood structures in the ceiling caused by water damage.
  • Bonding of materials for increased roof structural strength

What is roof pointing?

Pointing, on the other hand, refers to the application of mortar over the bedding to improve the look and longevity of the roof. The roof bedding can break and degrade with time, which is why pointing is so necessary. 

The mortar laid on top of the bedding usually seen around the roof tiles is known as pointing. It is used to seal any gaps or cracks between tiles and to keep them in place. Missing roof tiles, loose roof tiles, or leaking roofs in Melbourne are all indications that you may require repointing.

What are the benefits of pointing a roof?

  • Pointing not only looks nice but can also protect the roof from aging and water damage. Applying a coat of mortar over the bedding simply adds an extra layer of protection that will keep your roof looking fantastic for years to come.
  • A properly completed pointing job can significantly increase the life of your roof while also keeping you comfortable in your house.
  • Storms, floods, heat waves, and bushfires are all examples of harsh Australian weather conditions.
  • Roof repair costs will be significantly reduced in the long run.
  • Roof safety is improved since any loose tiles are fixed and attached to the roof.

What is the cost of roof rebedding and repointing?

The cost of roof repointing is determined by the size of the roof, your location, and other criteria. While considering the quote of any professional roofing company, always check their license 

So, what should you keep in mind when bedding and pointing your roof?

Bedding and pointing may appear to be simple tasks, but it is critical to do the procedure right. To begin, bedding should be done with a cement and sand mixture — this form of bedding will produce an exceedingly sturdy foundation for your roof restoration project. Besser Blocks or Fibre Bricks can also be used to bed your roof.

Second, pointing is a job best left to expert roof restorers, like Roof Restoration Nothern Suburbs, since it necessitates specialized tools and experience. If you want to increase the value of your home with an appealing repair job, make sure that bedding and pointing are included from the start.

Get your Rebedding and  Roof Repointing in Melbourne with Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs

Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs is a team of roofing specialists who can assist you in understanding the problems with your Melbourne roofing. We take great care in every roof bedding and pointing service we do, assuring a long-lasting and strong outcome for you. 

We offer a material and workmanship warranty of up to 7 years. In addition to applying new bedding and pointing roof tiles, our specialists can safely and carefully replace your old and outdated bedding and pointing. If you need economical roof repairs in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, please contact our helpful experts right now.


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