Speciality in Repair and Rehabilitation of RC structures

RC structures

The deterioration of Reinforced Concrete structures is recognized as a major problem worldwide. Apart from requiring regular maintenance, many structures require extensive Repair and Rehabilitation. Over a while, as these structures become older, we find in them certain degradation or deterioration with resultant distress manifested in the form of cracking, splitting, delaminating, corrosion etc.

Consequently, the need for repair and rehabilitation has grown considerably in recent years. Repair and Rehabilitation methods need to be designed with consideration for the anticipated or desired remaining service life of the structure. A distinction must be made between repairs and rehabilitation intended to stop deterioration fully and those merely aimed at slowing down deterioration processes for a limited period. Specialization and a deep understanding are needed in Repair and Rehabilitation works. One such group of specialization is Hitech Civil Engineering Services (M) Pvt. Ltd.

Expertise for Speciality in Repair and Rehabilitation of RC structures

Hitech Civil Engineering Services (M) Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 1994. It is a company division of the Hitech Group, which specializes in the area of undertaking contracts in the area of Repair and Rehabilitation of RC Structures. 

The Founder Director of this division is Dr. S. Jeyachandran. He has more than 30 years of experience in construction chemicals and has headed the Indian Operation of Fosroc Chemicals for more than 2 decades. He is the adviser for this division and presently it is headed by Dr. V. Rajendran. The team of this division comprises of well experienced and dedicated Engineers and Professionals specialized in the application of suitable construction chemicals, especially repair range of products including underwater repair. The company has successfully completed the rehabilitation of more than 100 structures, both in India & abroad.

Hitech Civil Engineering Services (M) Pvt. Ltd has expanded its wings of services to more and more complicated works like Underwater repairs /Soil strengthening, Marine works, waterproofing in the basement, tunnels, roofs, Industrial Flooring, Pressure Grouting, Expansion joint treatment, Repair and Restoration of multistory buildings with Carbon / Glass fibre wrapping both in India & abroad. The structures rehabilitated include multistoried buildings, airport structures, Jetties, Wharves, Mooring dolphins and bridge structures.

The services of the company includes: (1) Cathodic – Protection (2) Micro Concrete Jacketing (3) Basement Waterproofing (4) Desalination Plant (5) Protective Coatings (6) Corrosion Mitigation of RC Structure (6) Waterproofing (7) Repair and Retrofitting (8) Specialised Flooring (9) Pressure Grouting (10) Structural Design for Repair & Rehabilitation (11) Marine Work (12) Expansion Joint Treatment (13) Soil Grouting.